Bawdy Basics: More Than a Rub Down



Bawdy Basics: More Than a Rub Down

Erotic massage may seem like a simple process – a little rub here, a bit of a squeeze there – and it certainly is a wonderful way to lead in to a romantic evening or some passionate lovemaking, but don’t be fooled: massage is a vast field of knowledge and skill!

Even trained professionals have room to continue learning and perfecting their abilities, so you can bet that there are a few areas you could stand to improve your skills in erotic massage. What do you know about how your wife likes to be touched? Has she given you feedback during massage in the past? Is she ticklish, or sensitive to a heavy hand? We each have our own measure of pleasurable touch, so take the time to learn hers.

You will likely discover that different areas of her body respond to distinct touch experiences, or that varying levels of excitement cause her to respond in unique ways. If touching a particular spot makes her flinch, don’t give up… just head somewhere else and go back later. Keep up communication, but don’t badger her if all she wants to do is relax. If what you’re doing is working, you should know by the moans, groans and excited wiggles.

Bawdy Basics

The first step to finding your groove giving massage is to understand the basic structure of a full-body massage. You don’t necessarily need to pamper the entire body every time you give her a rub, but if she is stressed and tense, doing a mediocre job will only leave her feeling grumpy and off balance. Put in the effort to make her feel as good as you want to feel after!

Before you get started with the actual massage, you should both take a moment to prep your body. Standard rules apply – shower, shave if you like, use some delicious scented oils, light some candles. If you want to make it extra special, run a bubble bath for your lover to relax while you prepare the massage room. Keep the place warm!

You will want natural oil like coconut, soft lighting, sensual music, extra sheets and some towels to protect your bed from slippery substances. Have her start lying face down with her arms either by her side or supporting her head. When you’re ready, approach her body by “zone” so you don’t get too distracted and head for the hot spots too soon.

The Zones

You can look at her body in five sections: torso and buttocks; scalp, neck and shoulders; arms and hands; legs, thighs and feet; breasts and vulva. This is the order you want to follow from start to finish… and it will be an amazing finish!

Begin by applying oil to your hands and rubbing along her lower back. Don’t press along her spine. Instead, keep one hand on either side of the vertebrae to avoid injury. Squeeze the muscles in her buttocks as you work your way up her torso, past her shoulders and to her scalp.

Rub her scalp gently and don’t mess up her hair! Be careful at the base of her spine, but focus some attention here. Most people carry the bulk of their stress in this area of the neck and shoulders, so spend some time loosening her up. Get feedback. Use your hands in a sweeping motion across her shoulders and down to her arms.

Massage her arms and hands one at a time. Wrap your hands all the way around her arms and gently encourage the blood flow in her skin. Don’t use too much pressure or pull on her joints. Gently massage the muscles in her hands and fingers.

When her upper body is nice and loose, ask her to flip over. Cover her with a blanket if she’s chilly and get to work on her feet. You can really go to work here, take her clues. No matter what your wife does with her day, her feet will appreciate your attention. When she is completely relax, you can start making your way up her shapely legs to the hot spots!

Shift positions so you can reach both her breasts and her upper thighs. From here you can massage her whole breasts or focus on her nipples, all the while moving closer and closer to her sex. Rub her tummy, caress her thighs, and figure out what she wants to do next! You’ll know that she’s ready for you to take the next step when she starts to part her legs. When she’s ready to let you in, go all the way!

Hot embraces,

Gabrielle Moore

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