The perfect position for vaginal massage



The perfect position for vaginal massage

Imagine this: You’ve arranged two pillows lengthwise on the bed, end to end. You’ve guided your sweetheart onto them, and now she’s relaxing there, her rear end elevated, her legs spread to either side of the pillows. She’s feeling helpless to resists your advances. She wants to feel helpless. She’s always yearned to offer her backside to a man who knows what he’s doing and sink further and further into blissful pleasure. Completely letting go, as the man pleasured her from the rear. You’re feeling like you have the whole world at your feet. It’s a power you’ve longed for, but do you know what to do at this point? If not, let me give you a helping hand. 

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Positioned for success

Arrange your lover as described above. Put a pillow under her head so she can comfortably lie on her stomach. If she has neck problems and doesn’t like her head turned to the side for extended periods, arrange the pillow so that her forehead is supported by the pillow and she’s looking straight down toward the bed. Spend time massaging your lover’s inner and outer thighs and the backs of her legs, using lots of warm massage oil and running your hands from her knees up to her buttocks. Use long, slow strokes. 

Now gently massage her rear end. Take a cheek in each hand. As you move the left cheek up toward her head, move the right cheek down toward her feet. Then pull the left cheek down and push the right cheek up. 

Continue this up and down motion for a minute. Use your fingers to make small circles, massaging the flesh beneath them with gentle circular motions. Every so often let the outer edge of your hand (the side you’d use to land a karate chop) slide into the crack between her cheeks and slide your hand up and down, massaging her anus. 

Slip’n Slide

Spend five to ten minutes massaging your lover’s legs and rear end. Then switch from oil to lubricant. Warm it in the microwave for ten to fifteen seconds, testing it on your wrists to make sure it’s the right temperature. Now turn the bottle facing down and squeeze hard, sending a stream of lubricant cascading down into her rear ravine, until the heated lube flows down over her vagina, soaking it.

Deep cover

Liberally lubricate your right thumb. Position yourself on your knees, so you’re above your lover’s left pelvis. Drape your left arm over her at the waistline, and pull her right hip toward you. Let her know she’s supported. She’s not going anywhere, so she can relax into your powerful prodding. 

Now poise your right thumb at the entrance to your lover’s vagina. Tell her you’re about to enter. After waiting a few seconds to build anticipation, gently slip your thumb in, letting it slide over the first third of her G-spot. Slowly and deliberately, start stroking her G-spot with the pad of your thumb. Every four or five strokes let it sink in a little deeper. The shape of your thumb will allow you to easily massage this area. Establish a nice steady rhythm, and then let your index and third fingers begin to slide on either side of her clitoral hood, with your middle finger rubbing her Butterfly Spot. Continue like this, keeping communication open, making mid-course corrections as necessary, until your lover sinks into an orgasm. Repeat, repeat, with variations in your strokes as necessary. 

For women into hard and fast penetration (there are not as many of them as you might think), this position is perfect for plunging your thumb in and out in a piston-like rhythm: Squeeze her pelvis into you with your left arm to stabilize it and stroke hard and fast, the pad of your thumb pressing into her G-spot with every stroke.

Varied menu

Some variations to try with doggie style vaginal massage: 

  • Slip a small butt plug (or a small vibrating butt plug) into your woman’s dainty pink hole before inserting your thumb into her vagina. The plug will increase the pressure of your thumb on her G-spot.
  • Ask your woman to come up onto all fours and push her rear backward. Gently push your thumb all the way into her until you reach the back wall of her vagina. There you’ll find a hard mound about three quarters the size of a golf ball. This is your lover’s cervix, the entrance to her uterus. Use the pad of your thumb to stroke up and down. 
  • When you massage your lover’s cervix, go gently, and ask her repeatedly if what you’re doing feels good. Once you are using your thumb to stroke this buried treasure with soft up and down strokes, use the fingers of the same hand to massage her clitoris in rhythm. So as your thumb strokes up from the top of her cervix toward the bottom of her vagina (from the front of her body to the back, toward you), your fingers slide up her clitoris toward her mons pubis. As your thumb strokes up, your fingers slide down.
  • This is an excellent bondage position. Once your lover is lying on her stomach and her head is supported, tie her spread-eagle to the bed and let your thumb swan dive into her helpless wetness. 

Hot kisses, 

Gabrielle Moore

P.S. Combine this doggie style vaginal massage with my Flesh on Flesh massage technique and your evening of love will definitely catch fire!

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