How to Give Her a Deep Spot Orgasm—Part 1



How to Give Her a Deep Spot Orgasm—Part 1

In my last article, I gave you lots of advanced tips on how to help her achieve G-spot orgasms.  Today, I want to tell you about a type of orgasm you may have never heard of, or that you know little about.

But, it is one of the most mind expanding, full body rocking, deeply throbbing, mystical orgasms that a woman can have.

So, why isn’t every woman having these?

Lots of reasons.

For one, not too many people know about cervical orgasms, or female pleasure, erogenous zones and orgasms for that matter, and very little of this has been studied and researched.

Second, the cervix is a place that is highly sensitive, and it builds up body armouring and tension there, so often touching it can feel uncomfortable and even painful, especially when she is not aroused, or if touched in the wrong way.

What is a Cervical Orgasm?

A cervical (or deep spot) orgasm is a deep bodied orgasm that can result from stimulation of the cervix or around it.

Cervical orgasms can happen when a woman is giving birth (called ecstatic births) and studies have shown that stimulation to the vagina and cervix can reduce pain.

During a cervical orgasm, the muscles of the vagina and uterus will undergo contractions, which causes the sensation and energy to move up through the body creating a full body orgasm.

What do Cervical Orgasms Feel Like?

The cervix is a highly sensitive erogenous zone, that when stimulated correctly, can make women multi-orgasmic.

Many women describe cervical orgasms as deep, full bodied orgasms.  They can bring about lots of intense emotions, can make her feel more connected to her lover increasing intimacy, and can even feel transcendent and send her into ecstatic states bliss.  Some women report an euphoric tingling feeling that can last hours and even days later.

This area can produce intense orgasms and sudden, abundant releases of mucus-like fluid.  Cervical orgasms can last anywhere from 45 seconds to a few minutes, unlike clitoral orgasm which are usually a quick few second release.

According to scientific research, cervical stimulation also releases high amounts of the love hormone oxytocin, which is why many women report feeling so much more in love with their partners after cervical orgasms.

Where is the Cervix Located?

The ancient Taoists believed that woman have three gates that produce three waters (female ejaculate).  Each of the three gates correspond to a higher level of arousal in women.  The clitoris is the first gate and produces lubricant so the vagina can be penetrated easier.  The second gate is the G-spot and produces female ejaculate, or gushing.  And, the third gate is her cervix, which causes deep uterine orgasms and rapid lubrication inside the vagina.

The cervix is located at the very end of the vagina, 3-6 inches deep, at the neck or entrance to the womb.  It is round in shape, between 2-3cm in circumference, and slightly protrudes like the head of a penis bulging from its foreskin, or the tip of your nose.

When a woman is aroused, the vagina expands and lengthens, shifting the cervix up and creating more room in the vagina for penetration.

Surrounding the cervix is the AFE zone (known as the deep spot), which is a smooth rim like the lip of a Frisbee that encircles the cervix, with deep grooves to the front and back of the cervix which can be stimulated.

The cervix has 3 nerve systems connecting it to the brain: the hypo-gastric, the pelvic and vagus nerve, whereas the clitoris is connected to the pudendal nerve.  This is another reason why cervical orgasms feel much different, and are more full bodied than clitoral ones which are more localized.

How Can You Find It?

First you need to find her cervix.  A good way to do this is to take a speculum and a flashlight and look inside the vagina when you lover is in an unaroused state.  I know, it doesn’t sound very sexy (or, maybe you are into medical play), but it does help you figure out her anatomy when you can actually see it.

Alternately, if you don’t want to explore her cervix that way, you can explore it using your fingers to begin with.  Make sure your hands are clean, your fingernails trimmed short and smooth.  Use lube so your fingers slide in easily and don’t cause her pain or friction.

Use very gentle penetration and movements and simply explore the cervix with soft touch.  Feel the grooves and the rim surrounding it, and, if she is okay with it, touch the cervix directly, but very softly.


Stay tuned to Part 2 of this article, where I will teach you how to pleasure her deep spot, best positions and the obstacles to avoid.

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