How to Give Her a Deep Spot Orgasm—Part 2



How to Give Her a Deep Spot Orgasm—Part 2

In my last article I taught you all about deep spot or cervical orgasms… What they are, where they are, how to find the cervix, and how cervical orgasms feel.  So, if you didn’t read Part 1 first, I advise you to do that before reading this article on how to pleasure her cervix.  You can read Part 1 here.  It’s okay.  We’ll be right here waiting for you when you get back!

How Can You Pleasure It?

Now that you know where her cervix is, you can try to pleasure her there.

Start with lots, and lots of foreplay and other types of arousal.  It can take up to 30 minutes or longer for her to get aroused enough to want to have her cervix touched.  If she is not aroused, touching the cervix can be uncomfortable or even painful.

Use gentle, slow, steady, repetitive, soft stroking, movements against the cervix.  You can try slow circles around the cervix, back and forth movements, or even just holding soft, steady pressure there.  Going too fast or hard can shut down the cervix as well and feel painful.  You can use your fingers, a dildo, or the head of your penis.

Continue to stimulate the cervix in whatever manner feels best to her.  It can take from 30-60 of steady stimulation for an orgasm to slowly build up inside of her.  Because the cervix holds a lot of tension, emotional pain, trauma and even a history of sexual abuse, she may feel tenderness, discomfort or pain.  In that case, she may need to get some sexual healing done and de-amour that area before she feels pleasure.  It may also feel numb to her, and a lot of repressed emotions may come up.  She may cry, or become very emotional.  If she wants to continue, she can try to ride through those emotions, release the tension, open up and surrender to it.  In order to do this she needs to feel complete trust with you.

With the head of your penis, give her a cervical kiss.  This is slow, sensual stimulation as you rub her cervix in a rhythmic motion, like gentle massage, to push her over the edge.  You want to use deep strokes angled towards the anterior side of the vagina, that just kiss the back wall. Use very subtle movements, stokes or circles, or stay with motionless pressure to help her build up intensity.

She may no achieve orgasm the first time you try this.  Or, the second, third or fifth.  It can take several months for a new sexual pleasure to rewire the brain, so practise and give her lots of time to make those erotic connections.  She can, and will be come multi-orgasmic over time and heal that part of her body so she feel amazing pleasure.  She may also want to practise with a jade egg to future help heal and open her vagina, so he can experience more pleasure there.

Best Positions for Cervical Orgasms

Try these two advanced positions that aid in deeper penetration so you can stimulate the cervix.

Advanced doggie style is when she lays on her stomach, with her belly propped up on a few pillows, so her butt thrusts higher than the rest of her body.  In this position, you would squat on top of her and position your penis down to hit the deep frontal wall of her vagina.  Watch out though, because hitting the deep spot may make her gush with an explosion or vaginal lubrication.

With woman on top straddling her partner, deep penetration is possible and she can position herself in exactly the right spot, while also being able to control the depth, angle, speed and force of thrusting.  This is a great position for her to move her hips back and forth on top of you, undulating her spine, so your penis gently strokes her cervix.

Obstacles to Achieving Cervical Orgasms

There may be several obstacles to her reaching orgasm via cervical stimulation that I briefly mentioned above.

These include body armoring and past traumas that may make touching that area tender or painful.  In that case you can use “sexual healing” to de-armour that area, with love, compassionate and tenderness, while you gently touch the area and she can release built up tension over time.  This is not a fast process, and takes time and patience.

Another factor is trust.  She needs to be totally vulnerable and uninhibited as she opens fully to you.  So, if she doesn’t totally trust you, or if there is unresolved issues in the relationship, that can stop her from relaxing and opening up to you, and can also block her ability to orgasm.

She also has to be completely open to experiencing pleasure, and if she has any sexual issues, these can stop her as well.  She may also have to learn how to become more orgasmic, to get out of her head, and to relax during sex, and just let go.  Using breathing techniques, vocalizing, rhythmically thrusting her pelvis and visualizing the sexual energy building and moving through her can all aid in her journey.


Remember that learning new types of sexual pleasure is about the journey.  Be patient with each other, take your time and eventually she will become more orgasmic as she learns, trusts and begins to let go.

And, there is always so much more to discover and new things you can learn about having great sex and orgasms.  So, explore, have fun, turn on, and always continue learning.

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