Turbocharged Breast Pleasure

Turbocharged Breast Pleasure

One area that women don’t tend to get enough attention and pleasure is from their breasts. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that men don’t give breasts enough of their love, we all know a lot of guys are obsessed with them, but they don’t get the kind of sexual attention they really deserve. When it comes to sex, men tend to focus on the clitoris and the vagina and that’s it, but if you’ve been paying attention to my rants you already know that there are a ton of other important erogenous zones that deserve your attention. The breasts and nipples are two of these important zones. Why are they so important? Well, for starters some women can orgasm from breasts and nipple stimulation alone! Check out my previous article on breast orgasms. If you’re not sure what to do to stimulate the breasts, that article is a great place to start. Today I’m going even further and teaching you more techniques about how to give her incredible breast pleasure. Today we’re going to talk about breast toys and alternative methods to stimulate her beautiful, sensual breasts!

1. Play with temperature – Hot and cold temperatures on the very sensitive skin of the breasts and nipples can provide very interesting sensations.
Cold – Try using an ice cube to trace little circles on her breasts and over her nipples. Also try putting the ice cube in your mouth to tone down the coldness if it’s too much for her. This allows you to control how much cold you expose her skin to. You can also just use the cube to make your tongue and lips cold and then lick and suck her breasts and nipples with your cold mouth.
Hot – Always use heat with caution on sensitive areas like the breasts and nipples. A great way to apply heat to these super sensitive parts is by drinking something hot and then immediately using your mouth to lick and suck. The heat from the drink will still be on your mouth but it won’t be nearly as intense. You can also try heating up some chocolate syrup or other yummy liquid to pour over her breasts and lick off.
*Try alternating between hot and cold sensations for an especially intense stimulation.

2. Use what nature gave you – Some women find it especially erotic if you use your penis to stimulate the breasts and nipples. Use the tip of your penis to stroke and touch her erect nipples. Add some lubrication to make it especially delicious. Also try using your foreskin to stimulate the nipples by sliding it over them. Use the opening of your penis to touch and “kiss” the tip of her nipple. Finally, you can try using her breasts to masturbate your penis if she is especially well endowed. This can be exciting for both of you.

3. Nipple clips – Those who like more intense nipple stimulation might enjoy nipple clips. These can be purchased from any sex shop or some prefer to use home items, like clothespins or a pair of chopsticks. Some nipple clamps bought from a sex shop offer adjustable tension so that you and your partner can decide how intense you want the stimulation to be. Use this sex toy with caution, however. Very prolonged use can lead to nerve damage. If your partner starts to feel numbness, it’s time to take them off.

4. Suction toys – There is another sex toy that provides suction to the breasts and/or nipples. This can be wonderfully sexy for some women.

5. Different sensations – Try massaging and tickling her breasts and nipples with different fabrics and materials. Some great things to try are pieces of soft leather and suede, silk or satin scarves, velvet, pieces of fur, wool, a feather, or any other fabric or material that you think might provide an exciting sensation. Combine textures and rhythms for really great results.

6. Devour her – The last way to amp up her breast pleasure is to use food and drink to provide the ultimate sensations. Try things like chocolate syrup, honey, peanut butter, champagne, whiskey, or whipped cream and then sensually cleaning her off with your mouth. Also try slices of fruit. Slide them around over her breasts and nipples and then lap up the juices. This is yummy and sexy!

Do you have other ways and objects that you like to use to stimulate her breasts and nipples? Share them with us in the comment section below!

Gabrielle Moore

P.S.: Boob play is extremely fun and pleasurable for your lady if you know how to take your time and build anticipation.

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