What You Need to Know About Anal Sex

What You Need to Know About Anal Sex

People also enjoy anal sex because it feels unbelievably incredible. For men, the anal orifice feels much tighter than a vagina.  Not to mention the rectum sucks up a penis like a Hoover vacuum. The delish intense sucking feeling will add to the male pleasure. For women, it feels unique because it’s not her vagina yet there is a penis inside her. It’s an unusual feeling she isn’t used to having which makes it exciting.

But be forewarned ladies and gents! Back door play is a whole different ballgame altogether. It can be shockingly painful and messy (if you know what we mean) if not done right.  However with a little practice and a boat load of patience, anal sex can lead to a hot and sultry sex life. Here’s what you need to know to make sure your anal sex experience is a good one.

Rectums cannot stretch

Anal sex can be seriously painful. The rectum is an exit only portal. It is simply not meant to have things go in; only go out. Unlike the vagina which stretches to let a penis in and give birth to a baby, a rectum is not elastic at all. Not even a little bit folks. This can cause a woman major pain if she’s not prepared properly. That means a) asking her first (obviously) b) using lots of lube and c) going very slowly and not pounding into her like a jackrabbit. Be patient. Hold the penis and guide it in slowly. Try going in an inch, taking it out, and putting in again but going further. Keep trying until you’re in all the way.

Anal sex can be messy

Most ladies like to put much emphasis on making themselves look sexy so just the mere thought of a guy seeing them explode all over the place can be distressing to say the least. Instead of picturing her as this hot sex goddess, the male may begin picturing her covered in fecal matter. So not hot. The solution? An oral douche! If she takes one ahead of time it will ensure that her bowels are emptied. This way you can avoid any potentially messy accidents.

Don’t forget lube is your best friend forever

Unlike the vagina, the rectum does not create its own lubricant. Penetration without ample lube equals dry friction. Ouch! Use a silicone or water-based product and not petroleum jelly, which will just clog up the walls of your rectum and ruin the condom.

Get down with foreplay

It’s of utmost importance to get each other hot and bothered before the main event. When she’s feeling sexy and horny, her body will be much more receptive for rear penetration. She needs to ache for it like a cat in heat so she’ll be moaning with ecstasy not groaning in pain. Tease each other playfully getting each other excited. For example you can circle each other’s anus with your fingers. This will allow the anus to relax and get ready for penetration. While engaged in vaginal sex you can try inserting a finger into the woman’s anus for extra stimulation.

Keep it clean as a whistle

Both men and women are just as susceptible to disease with anal sex as they are with vaginal sex. The wall of the rectum is super duper thin and porous, so safe sex is imperative. Not only will condoms protect the penis against any stray fecal matter, but it will prevent her from having a butt full of semen. Semen can mix with the contents of the rectum and can make her ill as well. Consider using a condom and avoid the potential hassle.

Another no no? Do not under any circumstances put the penis back into the vagina after anal sex. You can resolve this little conundrum by using different condoms or keeping baby wipes on hand. But the best bet is to go from vagina to anus and not the other way around.

Practice makes perfect and anal sex is no different. Do it the right way and you can ensure that you’ll be having anal sex for many years to come. Screw it up and your anus (or your partner) may never forgive you.

Gabrielle Moore

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