What she wants more of in bed

What she wants more of in bed

“I like to feel sexy. I know my husband thinks I’m sexy. I think he is too. But I don’t go out half-naked with ‘sex’ written across my back.” – Catherine Zeta-Jones

Even though you are sexually satisfying your girl on a pretty regular basis, there are some special touches that she could use more of. Such as…

The effort you put into seducing her

Yes, you would think your good looks and suave personality alone would be enough to woo the panties off her, but when you go the extra mile to set the mood, it really shows you care about her and her needs. So rather than flipping off the TV and casually asking, “Are you ready for some of this?” (and by this you mean you’re junk, which you proudly reveal to her in neon lights, nothing romantic about that aspect), try lighting some  candles, putting on sexy music, stroking her hair in that particular way you know she likes so much. These sweet gestures show that you’re just as interested in her arousal, and you’re not only thinking with the little head.

Kissing throughout the act

Speaking of seduction, you probably kiss your girl as a prologue to sex. Which is great. But once the main event is under way, making out tends to take a backseat. Well, it damn well should still be a priority! Kissing is one of the most intimate sexual acts. When you do it during intercourse, the experience becomes even more intense and emotional for your partner and for yourself as well, mind you. So don’t put an end to the smooches once her panties are off and your penis is in action, on the contrary, intensify them and make them juicier than ever. You’ll rip the benefits in the form a very awesome and all-enticing orgasm.

The amount of time spent on foreplay

Even if you think you have warmed her enough, your girl still might need significantly more foreplay than you do. For many women, it’s good to make sure she has an orgasm before intercourse, from either manual or oral sex. Because she has already climaxed, she will be more aroused and able to enjoy the sex more fully. So take matters into your own hands, if you excuse the pun. A good session of fingering, topped off with some pretty seriously hot tongue tricks should make her climax in no time. Once that’s settled, head on to the real business of the night!

Receiving compliments on her skills

Sorry, guys, but grunting and moaning “Yeah, baby” are not adequate forms of expression. If you really want her to know just how much you liked the sex, you’ll have to try using complete sentences, verb and all. Get specific: tell her how much you loved her oral sex technique, that new position she suggested, or the way she moved during intercourse. Just like you, she wants to know that everything she’s doing is having the desired result: pleasing you, silly!

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