The Ultimate Anal Sex Positions, Part 1

The Ultimate Anal Sex Positions, Part 1

It’s that naughty subject that women either love or hate: anal sex. Whether you have tried it with your partner or are just dying to, anal sex isn’t something that you should enter into blindly. The more you know on the subject the better the experience will be for both of you (and especially for her!). If anal sex is something you want her to enjoy and want to repeat with you then you need to read on about the best anal sex positions. There is more than just one, in fact, there are many!

The Preparation

Here are some quick tips to get you started.

  • Get her warmed up first. Foreplay is KEY to a good anal sex experience. Tease her. Give her oral sex. Do all the things she loves to get her super excited.
  • Lube is your best friend, use it and NOT sparingly. The vagina produces its own lubrication, but the anus does not. Lube is super important to a good experience. Use a silicone based one.
  • Take things slow. Ease into it. You can’t thrust or penetrate her like you do with vaginal sex. The anus is much smaller and doesn’t accommodate in the same way.


The Positions, Part 1

  1. Spoons – Just like you’re cuddling or “spooning” in bed, except waaay more fun. If she bends her legs and stretches them out a bit then her anus will naturally open a little, allowing for easier access. This is a great position because it’s relaxing, and you want her to feel relaxed or anal sex is just not going to work. It also gives you easy access to reaching around to stimulate her clitoris, which you should definitely be doing.
  2. Double Decker – You can easily move into the next position from the spoons position. It’s essentially the same thing but with you lying flat on your back and your partner lying on her back on top of you. This provides a ton of body contact and closeness and allows her to control the speed and intensity of your penetration. The position might sound tough for vaginal sex, but remember that anal sex should be slower. This also gives you 100% access to her whole body because she will be splayed out on top of you. Take advantage of that to touch her breasts, clit and everywhere else!
  3. Girl on Top (modified) – It’s not just your typical woman on top position because your partner will have to adjust her angle to make sure that you can enter her comfortably. Just like the position above, this gives her the ultimate control over penetration and speed and gives you an amazing view with full access to pleasing some of the best parts of her body. Have her try leaning backward. This will stretch and pull on the clitoris slightly, which can be extremely pleasurable!
  4. The Chair – You will be seated for this position in a chair with no arms and your partner will straddle you. Make sure that the chair is low enough to the ground so that her feet touch the ground and allow her to move up and down on your penis. In this position you will be face to face will which allow for added intimacy.
  5. Downward Modified Scissor – Many men love the view of their partner from behind. This position offers a sexy view of her posterior, but is a little different than your typical doggy style. She will be lying face down on the bed and you will be on top with one leg extended in between her two legs and the other bent on one side of her body. This is a great position to try for first timers or when you’re just starting to have anal sex. The position doesn’t allow for really deep penetration so she will have time to get used to the position and will be in a comfortable and relaxing position to do so.

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to anal sex positions. The second part of this article will give you even more juicy new techniques to try out. Stay tuned!

Gabrielle Moore

P.S. You probably had no idea there were so many different ways to try anal sex. Don’t forget to follow up on my next post to see the rest of the HOT list. Check out my program – Anal Ecstasy.

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