The key to anal pleasure: DOUBLE stimulation!

The key to anal pleasure: DOUBLE stimulation!

“Sex pleasure in a woman is a kind of magic spell; it demands complete abandon; if words or movements oppose the magic of caresses, the spell is broken.”- Simone de Beauvoir

Anal sex is a very intimate act for women. They are allowing someone to enter the “forbidden zone” of their body, which is a huge deal. That’s why it requires a certain level of trust and a lot of communication. She is not going to agree to do it unless she is one hundred per cent sure that it will be all right, that you know what you are doing and that she is not going to feel pain.

If you want to get her to agree to it, you must start small, step by step, seducing both her mind and her body. Tease her to the extent that she can’t take it anymore and she’s the one begging you to do it.

Step 1. Stimulate her mind

First of all, fix the breach in communication. Talk to her about anal eroticism, if it’s a blurry thing for her or if she doesn’t even heard of it beforehand. Explain your reasons for wanting it, share your deepest desires and fantasies and ask her to tell you what she thinks about it. You can start by discussing the subject in general, maybe mentioning that a couple of your friends are doing it and it turned out to be a successful venture for them. Tell her details, read together articles about it, and then move to asking her what she feels about you two giving it a try.

Then, talk to her about her fears. After extensive interviews with women all over the country, I have come to the conclusion that, besides the pain factor, most women are simply worried about… the mess. The idea that the whole act could become a sticky situation is hugely embarrassing for them. Women spend so much time making themselves look and smell good that they can’t accept the fact that you will consider them… dirty. Try and subtly bring that up, assuring her that there is no problem from your part and that you will never judge her negatively when it comes to this aspect.

After that, make her trust you. By placing herself into such a vulnerable state, she needs to know that she can trust you one hundred per cent. Again, communication is key in order for her to feel safe enough to agree to try it. Tell her you will give her full access and command over your penis and the way she wants it inserted. This gives her the illusion of control, which calms her nerves a little bit.

Last but not least, be patient with her. “Regular sex will make your day, anal sex will make your whole week”, a friend of mine used to say. I always tell couples this and advise them to be patient with one another. Anal sex should be a gradual process of exploration, especially from a mental perspective, because that’s where the fear and the indecisiveness come from. It does not matter how long it lasts you to insert a mere inch, take all the time she needs. She’ll appreciate the fact that you are not into this just to satisfy your needs, but you want her to feel as good as you. And patience is the best proof for this.

Step 2. Stimulate her body

The most common mistake that men do when they decide to try anal sex with their girlfriends is that they proceed without proper preparations. My secret? Extended foreplay! I have developed a three day routine that is meant to “desensitize” a woman’s derriere and help her experience anal sex as she should: an act of pure pleasure. Here’s what you have to do:

Day 1. Start with a sexy shower together. Kiss, stroke and massage her body with all the nicely scented lotions she has in the bathroom. Take time to truly connect through the power of tactile orgasm. When you hear her moan with pleasure, reach her buttocks and massage, stroke and knead the muscles until they relax. Gradually move your fingers to the space between her butt cheeks and allow your fingers to slightly pass over her anus, without inserting any! Give her a deep kiss and let her finish her bath alone.

Day 2. Surprise her with a good dose of oral stimulation. As she becomes more aroused, apply a generous amount of water-based lubricant to your index finger and begin to gently massage her anus. Start with long, slow strokes, and as your tongue is caressing her clitoris, move your finger in circles around the opening of the anus. After a couple of minutes of anal massage, begin to gently push your finger against the opening of her anus with steady pressure.

Day 3. Now that she’s ready and eager for more, it’s time to start slowly inserting your well-lubed finger. After warming her up with the steps described above, insert an inch or two of your index into her anus. While she breathes deeply, start to move your finger around in small circles. If she’s not objecting, you can start moving your finger in and out, simulating intercourse. Re-apply lube every time it’s necessary. I usually advise couples to stop here, but if she’s eager for some penis action (or a sex toy, maybe!), you know what to do!

Have a sweet & scrumptious week,

Gabrielle Moore

P.S. Do the double stimulation exercise as long as it takes for her to get ready. Don’t give up if she seems to not come around. Check out my program – Anal Ecstasy.

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