My anal sex story

My anal sex story

Hi boys,

I have some a little different planned for today’s article. A female friend of mine recently had anal sex with her long term partner for the first time. She had her doubts going into it, but eventually decided that she wanted to give it a try, thinking that if she didn’t like it she would never have to do it again. I thought that sharing her story with you all, my dear readers, would help and be informative couples in a similar situation. And it’s also pretty hot! Want to hear her story? Here goes…

My Anal Sex Story

It’s true, I was hesitant about anal sex before trying it. My husband had been wanting to try it for years, and although we have a pretty exciting sex life most of the time, I wasn’t totally sure about opening up the door to anal. I couldn’t imagine myself liking it and I was worried about how clean it would be. I didn’t know if I wanted my husband to see me like that and maybe be a little grossed out by me. After all these years I still want to be sexy to him, of course! But after talking to a handful of girlfriends who had good experiences, I thought, what the hell!

Based on a lot of Gabrielle Moore’s advice we knew I would need to be really turned on in order for it to work, so my husband started by doing something he knows I love and is a sure fire way to get me super excited. He started with a sensual massage. I laid down naked on the bed, face down. He was also naked straddling me in order to rub my back. Just feeling his warm skin against mine was enough to start getting me going. He used my favorite massage oil that has a little bit of scent to it, which makes it really amazing. As he rubbed my neck, back, and shoulders I began to relax, which was important since I was still feeling pretty nervous about the whole thing! As he massaged me he leaned over my body so that his skin rubbed against mine and I could feel his hard penis sweeping over my body as he worked on my back. That’s a big turn on for me. He then started licking and kissing my back, shoulders and neck, while he reached around and massaged my breasts. I don’t know what it is, but I LOVE how that feels.

He then start licking and kissing his way down to my lower back and butt. He lifted my hips a bit so that my butt stuck up in the air. This gave him access to my vulva and it open up my butt cheeks and lips a bit. He then started going down on me from behind, while he kneaded and massaged my butt. Just a little while of that and I was so wet and excited. Once he could tell that I was really turned on he grabbed our bottle of lube and squirted some on my butt crack which trickled its way down. He began slowly prodding my anus with his forefinger. At that point I knew we were going for it so I started to feel a little nervous again, but he went so slowly and gently with his fingers that I was relaxed in no time and starting to really enjoy the sensations. He played around and fingered my ass for a little bit, while lightly massaging my clit with his fingers. I was ready to cum right then and there, to be honest. It felt really good, but different than what I was used to.

Sensing I might be ready, he moved into position. Even though I knew he was taking his time, I got nervous again! This was the main event. He was careful to put tons of lube all over his penis and even more on me. We both knew a lot of lube was the key to a good experience! Then he started to press himself against my butthole. Because I was nervous it was even tighter so he told me to breathe and relax, that he was going to go very, very slowly. He began to enter me ever so slightly and we stayed like that until I felt relaxed. As I relaxed I could feel myself start to open up more to accommodate him and he slowly went further inside me. Once I felt ready he slowly began to do shallow thrusts. This felt surprisingly good and I was dying for some clitoral stimulation so he reached around with his hand and began to touch me there too. I came fast and hard after a few minutes. Once he knew I had cum, he let himself go and in no time, he came too.  

All in all I have to say it was a really good experience. It was different and fun. I loved how my husband respected my nerves and went so slowly. For him it still felt incredible even though we took it so slow. It will definitely be something we do every now and then!

There you have it, guys! I hope her story helps some of you out there. I’d love to hear about your experiences in the comments.

Gabrielle Moore

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