Make your favorite position orgasmic for her

Make your favorite position orgasmic for her

Ben: Do you want to do it doggie-style?

Alison: You’re not going to fuck me like a dog.

Ben: It’s doggie-style. It’s just the style. We don’t have to go outside or anything.” – Knocked Up

You guys dig doggie-style – I know, shocking! But what may surprise you is that if done right, it could also give your partner more thrills that you ever thought possible. I realized this upon watching a talk show where celebrities were coming and getting personal about their lives. One thing the show host always tried to get all her guests to admit? Their favorite sex position, and surprisingly, the majority of these famous ladies said they prefer doggie-style.

What? Sure, we women like it fine, but you’d think a position with more of a pleasure payoff – like cowgirl – would top their lists. We already know that guys love doggie-style because it’s animalistic – literally, it’s something you see on Animal Planet, but it’s not a position generally associated with female orgasm. However, it should, because there are so many ways to make it work for a woman just as well as it does for a man. If you’re a fan of doggie too (or even if you’re not), try these three different versions designed to bring your partner home for the win.

1)    The Bee’s Knees

Play with the placement of her knees. It’s natural for a woman to spread her legs so that you are kneeling between them, but zipping them up tight can make your penis feel thicker and make her feel tighter to you. Plus, the farther apart your knees are on the bed, the easier it’s going to be for you to lean forward and play with her breasts and clitoris. And here’s a good-to-know rule of thumb for making sure you never thrust so deep that it’s uncomfortable: The higher her butt is in the air, the deeper you can penetrate her. The lower it is, the more restricted your motion is going to be.

2)    Doggie Domination

With you lying flat on your back, have her straddle your legs on all fours, facing your feet. Keeping her hands on the bed, she should lower her butt so that you can enter her. This angle is great for a couple of reasons – one, because she’s technically on top, she gets to control the pace and depth of penetration. And two, she is in the perfect G-spot-stimulating position. She should arch her back, and ride you in a forward and up-and-down motion to really target the sweet spot. Not only does it feel fantastic for the both of you, but seeing her back arched with her hair tumbling over is an erotic view for you.

3)    The Magic-Carper Ride

If you don’t own a shag rug, then get yourself a bath mat, pronto. You want a small one, so that you can easily move it around. You want shag because it feels plush against bare skin. I would also suggest slipping a vibrator underneath the mat (this way the sensation isn’t too intense), having her lie down, and positioning her pelvis over the vibrating area while you kneel above her and enter her. You’ll have to cobra your back and use a rocking motion – which is ideal, since your movement will help her grind against that spot.

Have a sensual week,

Gabrielle Moore

P.S. So yeah, if you want to be an animal in the sack, go ahead. She’ll love it just as much! Check out my program on the subject, Anal Ecstasy.

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