Hot Hollywood Sex

Hot Hollywood Sex

“I don’t like to be told what to do unless I’m naked.”

Lights, camera action! (You know the kind I mean.) You love watching them on film – now it’s your turn to be the star and re-create the hottest, most iconic big-screen sex scenes at home (or in the wild.) Envelope, please: The orgasm goes to… you.

The Notebook.

Why it’s hot: I don’t need to explain you why a sex scene starring Rachel McAdams is a turn-on. But I will. After a torturous seven years wait, Rachel and a bearded Ryan Gosling finally consummate their passion in a grade-A thong-twister. Gosling pushes her against the wall, passionately rips off her clothes, and then carries her into the bedroom, where he feasts on her naked body. Yes, please!

Re-create: The urgent, under-the-clothes quickie

The key is keeping things fast and furious. Be rough with kissing and touching as soon as you walk in the door – push her undies to the side, ask her to leave her shoes on, and do it under her dress. Hell, just get busy right against the wall if you must. (If you can get into an emotional flight in the rain beforehand, even better…)


Why it’s hot: Kate Winslet’s Rose falls hard for a whimsical artist with no money and floppy blond hair. Been there. The scandalous Jasmine/Aladdin dynamic sets the stage for some seriously scorching sex. After Kate drops trou so that Leo can sketch her in the buff, these two crazy kids break into an empty car where they go at it so intensely they fog up the windows. Knowing they could get caught any minute raises the stakes, transforming ordinary nookie into a full-on erotic adventure.

Re-create: Bawdy backseat sex

No need to board a cruise ship on a glacier route. Just park your car somewhere that makes you feel rebellious – like a quiet suburban neighborhood – and do it like a couple of randy teens. Spoon-sex her in the backseat, have her straddle you on the passenger’s side (the seatbelt is a handy restraint), or position her over the center console and make doggie your default setting. Sweaty hands on the steamy windows are an absolute must.

Eyes wide shut

Why it’s hot: Three words – secret mansion orgy. In this practically X-rated sex saga, guests openly eff all over the house, partying like it’s 200 BC Rome. One particular couple, however, wins the award for most alluring public display of affection. The woman lies on a dark wood table, back arched, while a masked stranger stands over her, passionately thrusting into her. Call me voyeuristic, but mysterious, butt-grabbing strangers? Totally arousing.

Re-create: Sneaky, anonymous party sex

All you need to recreate this IRL is an abandoned chateau and 300 DTF guests. If that’s out of budget, try the pared-down version: Next time you’re partying, plan an escape to an empty room. The closet is a perfect sneaky hookup spot because you’re hidden, but there’s still a chance of getting busted, which ups the sauce factor. Go down on each other before trying a little from-behind action, holding the door shut and having your partner lean back on it. Forcing yourself to do it all quietly – so your moans don’t give you away – will feel extra naughty.

Pretty Woman

Why it’s hot: Julia sparked untold hotel sexcapades after taking control of the bump-and-grind at the Regent Beverly Wilshire. “What do you do?” Gere asks. “Everything”, she replies. “But I don’t kiss on the mouth.” Sometimes you’re in the mood to look into your partner’s eyes and make soft, sensual, Usher-style love… and other times, you want to rough-ride your woman. Simple.

Re-create: Kiss-anywhere-but-the-mouth sex

Take turns lying down totally nude while you kiss every inch of each other’s bodies – except the mouth. As things start to feel super delicious, go all the way, but remember: no lip-locking. No-kissing sex will feel all forbidden… and inspire more lip service to her ears, neck and nipples. Gray haired wig, optional.


Why it’s hot: Spader’s Mr. Grey is masterfully kinky when spanking his assistant, Ms. Holloway, over a typo: “Put your elbows on the desk, bend over… and read it aloud.” S&M sex at the office is totally taboo – and super arousing. Come on, no one fantasizes about a loving monogamous couple doing it missionary style in their master bedroom…

Re-create: The kinky role-play romp

Be the boss and have her address you only as “Mr.”, or play the pupil and give her oral under the desk. All mistakes will be punishable by naughty spanking… and the sex position of the boss’s choice. Reverse-cowgirl-ing in an office chair will be overtime you won’t mind…


Why it’s hot: Nothing ferments my kombucha like some down-and-dirty whoopee. In this epic scene, Demi is sensually massaging clay on her potter’s wheel when a shirtless Swayze tries to distract her by caressing her neck and arms. Suddenly, nothing seems hotter than being sex-jumped when you’re totally absorbed with some hands-on project. Demi plays it really cool, pretending to focus on some wack ceramic pot while the biggest hunk of the nineties grinds on her from behind.

Re-create: The fun, frisky foreplay game

Even without an in-home pottery studio, you can still engage in some messy fun. Wash your car, frost a cake, pull some weeds – as long as you’re getting dirty (pun intended). Then challenge your partner to try to distract you with her hands and mouth. See how long you can resist before giving in to some gritty sex – whether on top of the kitchen table or in the garden.

Have a sexy week,

Gabrielle Moore

P.S. What other sex scenes would you love to re-create? These are the classics, but I’m sure you must have your own cinematic fantasies. Do share with the rest of us!

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