Clue in to her carnal cravings

Clue in to her carnal cravings

“As if you were on fire from within. The moon lives in the lining of your skin.” – Pablo Neruda

Wondering what your partner really wants between the sheets? Her seduction lines shed some light to what her style is and she wants to do when it comes to sex. Read my translations and be prepared for your partner to suspect that you are actually reading her mind.

Lusty line: “I would love to go somewhere quiet with you so we can talk.”

Her mattress mood: Assuming she’s serious when she says it, a line like this signals that she’s craving an emotional connection, rather than a mere physical release. She is probably feeling romantic and wants to have a sensual, intimate encounter. Brace yourself for the s-l-o-o-o-w burn.

Lusty line: “I bet you that my bed is more comfortable than yours.”

Her mattress mood: A woman may challenge you in this lighthearted manner if she’s in a playful mindset. Indulge her flirtation and her arousal levels will likely elevate as a result, priming her for uninhibited passion. Get ready for erotic experimentation – bed optional.

Lusty line: “You seem uncomfortable. Let’s get you out of those clothes.”

Her mattress mood: Even though it’s couched in a funny statement, there is a sense of urgency to this line. Your partner is highly aroused and is taking control in order to fast-track both of your pleasure. You’re in for an exhilarating quickie. Repeat after me: “Wham, bam! Thank you, madam!”

Lusty line: “Are you stressed? I want to give you a full body massage.”

Her mattress mood: Good news: You’re about to have all-about-you sex. Massage is a loving gesture – not to mention a lot of work. When a woman offers to go to great lengths to please you, she has decided to make your satisfaction top priority.

Now that you know what she wants between the sheets, boost the passion while shaking things up. Whether you’ve been together for two weeks or two years, you can always find a way to spice up your bedroom routine. Work on these sultry moves with your lover and get ready to add some sizzle to the way your lovemaking unfolds.

Hot for teacher

Bestselling racy novel Fifty Shades of Grey is heating everyone’s bedroom nightstand. Read this to each other and try acting the stories out. An alternative is to mark a section of the book for her; leave a note telling her what her “homework” assignment is, then hold a book club discussion while naked. Erotic audiobooks let someone else do the talking for you; you can listen together – under the covers.

Hotel hookup

Give the “one-night stand” an update by booking a hotel for a hot weekend getaway. Many hotels have special packages that include body oils and sexy lubricants, edible honey dust and a ready to pop bottle of their finest champagne. Then order room service, get a couple’s massage, enjoy the hot tub, and flirt with each other at the bar. The Trojan Charged Sex Life Survey found that 50% of Americans want to give their sex lives a reboot; a staycation allows you to leave the stress of daily life at home and completely indulge.

Make sex a meal

Take breakfast in bed to a whole new level by incorporating her favorite foods into your foreplay. Draw out every sensual possibility as you serve her in bed wearing an apron… and only an apron. Feed her by hand, with kisses – or more – in between bites. Nibble on each other as you take time to savor every part of your meal and each other’s bodies.

Show and tell

Let her watch as you masturbate, showing her how you get off. Close your eyes if it helps and simply give her a glimpse into your secret world. Tell her what you think about when you’re alone. Feel like giving her the orders? I suggest starting with “Take off your panties!” Then help her out.

Have a sexy week,

Gabrielle Moore

P.S. Sexier hookups aren’t just nice visual scenes you see in romantic movies. If you’re willing to put some effort, that’s how your love life will look like as well. Check out my program on the subject, Anal Ecstasy.

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