Basic Toys for Boys: Beginner Anal Sex Toys for Men

Basic Toys for Boys: Beginner Anal Sex Toys for Men

Take a deep breath and smile for me honey, there is no need to stress. Take my advice and your back door exploration will go off without a hitch!

There are many reasons why you and your lover might want to try a bit of an anal reversal. If you have been wondering what it might feel like to explore your back door, if your wife thinks it could be fun, or if she is a bit nervous about trying anal herself and wants some reassurance, this is a great way to initiate the conversation and get comfortable with trying something new. If you are willing to try anal sex toys slowly with your partner, it may help ease her fears that you will be careless or hurt her accidentally. By understanding how it feels to enter this delicate spot, you will be able to approach your wife with much more care and confidence.

Anal Mythology

Is anal stimulation “gay”? Does it hurt? Will I like it? Is it messy? How will it feel? How do we start?

First off, slow down. There is nothing homosexual about enjoying anal stimulation. Many people of different genders and sexual orientations enjoy this kind of sex, and others of the same orientations do not! How you feel about anal sex is a personal preference. How it feels and how you go about getting started will be different for everyone, but if you go slow and take safety precautions, there is no reason you won’t thoroughly enjoy your heterosexual self!

Getting Started

It shouldn’t come as much of a surprise that the same rules apply today as when we have discussed anal sex in the past: be clean, be comfortable, be safe. Both of you should clean your nether-regions, hands, and toys before each playtime. Use lubrication that is compatible with your toys and condoms, which make a great easy-cleanup solution.

Before you head on off to the toy store and start shopping, take some time to explore with your fingers. You may want to spend some time playing with your own clean hands before you introduce the idea to your wife, just to see if you are in fact interested. Don’t be dismayed if it’s a bit strange and awkward all by yourself, but do note if you experience any pain or discomfort and wait a few days before trying again with your lover.

Go slow, don’t push, breathe deeply, and use your lube.

What’s Good for the Goose is Good for the Gander

Massage is a great way to get started with anal play. If you are considering asking your lover to perform analingus, go the extra mile and shave or wax, or even ask her to help you out. If you don’t trust her to clean you up when you can’t do it yourself, don’t expect her to even consider getting her lips down there!

Any of the butt plugs, anal beads, dildos or vibrators that your wife would enjoy will work for you as well. Be sure to get something flared at the base, or with a very long handle, to prevent it from getting lost inside – no one wants to make that trip to the doctor! Be sure to sanitize and disinfect your toys properly according to their materials. If they can’t be sanitized, be sure to use them with a condom every time if you intend to share.

The Prostate: Toys Just for Boys

You may have thought that this toy story would be exactly the same as it was for the ladies, but you’ll be happy to hear that your prostate gives you an entirely unique way to experience anal sex, and there are plenty of toys made just for your body.

Your prostate is a small, chestnut-sized bump about two inches inside your anal cavity. Take your time getting there! Lie on your back with your legs up. Massage your perineum, the space between your testicles and anus. Make your entrance slowly, resting when you pass the first sphincter before putting pressure onto the second. When you enter one knuckle past the second sphincter and into the anal cavity, you should be able to locate the prostate. Move slowly, crooking your finger in toward your belly.

This crooked-finger shape is that design inspired by most prostate toys. Shop around and enjoy the vast selection! Remember to clean your toys properly and thoroughly after use or between partners – they were made for a man’s form, but you might just find that your lover enjoys the way it hits her G-Spot, so don’t be afraid to share!

Hot kisses,

Gabrielle Moore

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