Basic positions for anal sex

Basic positions for anal sex

“Can you…make it different this time?”
“Different, how?”
“Different position, different…something. I want to learn it all.”-
Alisha Rai

Given the fact that we’re talking about anal sex, you have to know that not all positions work for this type of sexual activity and some that you might think do, are actually not that suitable and able to give both of you the ecstatic feelings you desire.

The four basic positions that most couples oblige to when performing anal sex are ones that I’m sure you are more than familiar with. I’ve described each one of them so that you’re fully prepared next time you want to try this type of sexual activity.

1. Girl on top

If you’re both new to anal sex, it is best if you start with the woman on top position because it is much safer. It gives your girlfriend or wife a much greater degree of control over both the thrusting and the degree of penetration and she can get off at any time she feels uncomfortable. Also, in the majority of times, when you’re on your back, gravity pulls the blood that should be in your penis to your back, gluteus muscles and legs, and there are smaller chances for you to finish off too quickly, due to excitement. Her pulling, squeezing and releasing her anal muscles around your penis should be more than enough to compensate your possible lack of hardness.

How to:

-Lie on the bed with your arms resting on the sides and your legs slightly parted and bent at the knees.

-Have her climb onto your lap, straddling you in a kneeling position and holding on to your chest or shoulders as she lowers herself onto your erect penis.

-Until she asks you to push deeper into her, you should remain motionless. As much as you may want to make a move, this is an exercise in patience. So instead of trying to get deeper inside her rectum, try and get deeper inside her head. Ask her if she is enjoying it and how does it feel for her. Likewise, share with her your own feelings and sensations.

-Once she starts the up and down movements, you can start following her lead, slowly and gently.

Why she’ll love it: She’s in charge of the action and she can alternate slow, shallow strokes with deep thrusts, according to how comfortable she feels.

2. Doggie style

In this position, which unleashes your animal instincts, you have control and decide the moment of penetration, but that doesn’t mean that your partner should settle for the passive role. Using slow movements, she can press herself against you and set her own rhythm. Another thing that is worth mentioning is that you should be extra careful not to lose your temper and thrust too deep or too hard. Prove to her that her well-being and satisfaction is your top priority and this will not be the last time she lets you enter her through the backdoor. Be mature!

How to:

-Get her down on all fours, kneel behind her and plunge inside carefully, grabbing her rear for balance.

-Make sure you don’t thrust too deeply; she may end up feeling post-coital pain in her anal region when the deed is over.

-Given that your hands are free, use them to fondle her breasts or buttocks, for additional sizzle.

Why she’ll love it: Most women love playing the “submissive slave”, because it gives them the satisfaction of having you under their control, as contradictory as this may sound. Knowing that you’re enjoying this with so much intensity, they get a sense of power and… superiority, if you like.

3. The missionary

Beginners often find anal sex easier in the missionary position. Kneeling between your partner’s legs, you have good visual contact with her anal region. Also, you can watch how she responds to your moves, and also play freely with her clitoris, either with your fingers or with a sex toy. The obvious drawback of missionary anal sex is the tendency of the anus to tilt downward. This can be compensated for by placing a pillow beneath her buttocks or by raising her legs in the air.

How to:

-Have her lie on the bed with a couple of pillows propping her butt, knees half bent, and legs spread wide so that her body is extremely open.

-Planting your hands on each side of her body, lower yourself onto her and slowly begin the penetration.

-Focus on skin to skin contact to add yet another sensation to the mix.

Why she’ll love it: It’s close, it’s intimate, it’s what every woman wants. Given the fact that it’s anal sex, you might want to consider starting with this position, if she’s showing any signs of emotional turmoil or discomfort. If she feels you are right there with her, she’ll be more open to take pleasure from the experience.

4. Side by side

Spooning is one of the best positions for love making. And yes, there is a reason I said love making and not sex. Because of the amount of intimacy it gives, spooning will ensure the emotional connection needed for such an intense sexual activity as anal sex. Also, it is perfect if you two have very different bodies and sizes and if you don’t want a very deep penetration.

How to:

-Have her stand on one side, with her knees slightly bended and her arms resting on a pillow.

-Sit behind her, starting penetration with slow back and forth movements.

-Because of the permissively comfort of this position, you’ve got plenty of space to touch her clitoris, using her favorite vibrator.

Why she’ll love it: She’s afraid of your penis going in too deep, so this position will make her feel more at ease. Satisfy her needs at first, and then she’ll satisfy yours.

Have a fun and sexy week,

Gabrielle Moore

P.S. Ask her to rate each position depending on how good she feels and how well she can appreciate anal sex. Than, if you’re new to this, stick to the one she enjoys the most. Check out my program on the matter – Anal Ecstasy. Here you’ll find all you need to know about the subject.

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