Analingus, or how to kiss her… back there!

Analingus, or how to kiss her… back there!

“Don’t worry, it only seems kinky the first time”- Author Unknown

Analingus is the tongue and mouth stimulation of the anus, a.k.a. “rimming” or “tossed salad”, or “feuille de rose”, which 36 percent of men and 39 percent of women are into. The sensation of a wet, warm tongue around the sensitive skin that surrounds the anus can be extremely arousing and I always advise couples to use it as a means of foreplay before engaging into penetrative anal play.

Because the anus has so many nerve endings, if the tongue is put to good use, analingus can be almost as enjoyable as oral sex. It can either give your girlfriend or wife an orgasm, or tip her right over the edge into one.

Also, it’s fairly simple. You don’t have to worry about accidentally hurting anyone because the tongue is your closest ally and most trustworthy tool of providing pleasure.

In order for analingus to truly become arousing for her, you need to take it slow and work your way up to it — as with any type of sex, it is often best to start out gradually, even leaving out erogenous zones completely, at least in the beginning. Remember how you used to fool around for hours before sex? It was pretty exciting, wasn’t it? Well, it’s the same here. Start by getting her turned on the in the old fashioned way, with deep kisses, long and soft caresses and other tricks that I’m sure you’ve got up your sleeve.

Even after you’ve gotten to the erogenous zones, you might consider performing cunnilingus/fellatio on them first. Simply work your way downward from there toward her anus. Slowly. Gradually.

Hygiene is also very important here, so she might need to begin with a shower or a bath. However, even if she scrubs the area clean, when performing analingus, make sure that you use a barrier method, like a dental dam, a condom that has been cut open, or a piece of plastic wrap over her rectum to decrease your chances of contracting an STD or any other type of infection. By not using a barrier, you are placing yourself at a greater risk for acquiring hepatitis B or E-coli infections (more about his in the final section of the book, dedicated to health matters).

How to

Step1. Lie her on her back with a pillow under the buttocks and knees bent. Position yourself between her legs and gently spread her buttocks open.

Step2. Begin with kissing the buttocks and slowly move to the anus. Plant kisses, both dry and wet, on the anus opening and the surrounding area. Use your tongue to lick and flick, moving it up and down, side to side, and in circles around the anus. Try everything at first, in order to see to which type of move she responds best.

Step3. Give some special attention to the perineum, that sensitive spot that lies between her anus and vulva. It’s extra hot and can give her all the sensual butterflies she needs in order to be prepared for more

Step4. Gently plant nibbles along the length working towards the anus.

Step5. If you like, you can even insert your pointed tongue a short distance into the anus and penetrate in and out, imitating the moving of a penis.

Step6. Don’t stick to just one position, there are numerous different variations you can choose from: doggie-style, 69 (and you can both enjoy the licking), standing, sitting, lying down. Experiment with what is most comfortable and pleasurable for both of you.

Have a fully stimulating week,

Gabrielle Moore

P.S. For an arousal boost, take a small piece of ice in your mouth before licking her anus, then sip some hot tea and return for more. The tingling sensation will drive her wild! Check out my program – Anal Ecstasy.

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