Anal sex toys- three’s not a crowd!

Anal sex toys- three’s not a crowd!

“The best sex I ever had was with my vibrator”- Eva Longoria

Sex toys, just like anal sex, have been surrounded by a shadow of taboo until recently. Sex shops were only looked at with the corner of the eye and people hesitated about entering, fearing that someone might see them visit „those shameful places”.

Today the attitude toward toys that give you the much needed pleasure is much more liberal. Thank God for Sex and the city, I might add, because women became more actively involved in this phenomenon after the four naughty girls started talking about it freely and recommending it as something normal, that every woman should try without any regrets or fears.

If you want to acquire the skilled lover status, you have to allow yourself to open up to a whole new world of playful possibility. Sex toys not only enhance your capacity to feel pleasure, but also offer variety in terms of the sensations you can experience. To top that, they can also help you solve the most intriguing sexual challenges that you might encounter.

Types of anal sex toys

Butt plugs.

Perhaps the most convenient sex toy for anal sex, the butt plug is great for beginners. If you’re new to anal play, you’re probably wondering how can you stimulate her all over her body in order for her to truly “open” to yourself when you have just two hands!?

How can you finger her, knead her buttocks and stimulate her clitoris at the same time? Well, a butt plug makes it easier for you. Because of its shape and functionality, you don’t have to use your hands to hold it after you have inserted it.

Don’t worry it won’t get lost… down there. It has a flared base that doesn’t allow that to happen. Another thing that I love about butt plugs is that they are designed so that the anus can’t possibly resist them. Narrower at the top, thicker in the middle and with a flared base, their gradual insertion actually “tames” the anal opening, convincing it to give in and “swallow” it without problems.

Made of silicon, latex, vinyl, shaped like a diamond, or a spade, or a teeny tiny lava lamp, going from small-sized to are-you-serious!? size, butt plugs are a must if you’ve decided to tackle anal sex like two pros decided to win first prize at the Who orgasms first through anal contest.

Anal beads.

Women love pearls, necklaces, everything… beaded. So if you choose to introduce her to a different kind of jewelry, one that is meant to give her absolute sexual euphoria, she is not going to say no.

Perfect for the myriad of nerve endings that surround the anus (and for prostate massage, for the willing and experiment bound gentlemen!), anal beads resemble a thread of round shaped pearls (usually five), strung together on a nylon or cotton cord, with a ring or similar handle at the end, designed for pulling. Made of plastic, silicone, rubber, metal or latex, they come in different shapes and sizes, according to desires and needs.


There are so many types of dildos on the market, so many sizes, shapes, figures, colors, that no matter what taste you have concerning the toy with which you’d want to anally penetrate your girlfriend or wife, you’re still covered. There are dildos that look exactly like a penis, or like an elephant’s tromp, or like a fisted hand, a caterpillar, or even a dolphin.

Material wise, you have three choices to pick from: silicone, latex, or vinyl. Again, my advice is to stick with the silicone based dildos, because they have so many safety points on their side that it’s simply not worth the risk.


If you know how to use it and where to… vibrate, it can send you in the seventh heaven of orgasmic pleasure, if such a place were to really exist.

I know men tend to feel a tad threatened by women’s enthusiasm for this type of toy, but, my darling, don’t do the same! If you choose not to deny her of this pleasure, she’ll open the doors to each centimeter of her body, without regrets.

So, before creating you private little shopping list, make sure you know what you are looking for. Here’s what you have to know before heading out and buying the first vibrator that comes to hand:

-do you want to use it for external stimulation, internal stimulation or both… at the same time?

-ask her about shape, size color. Some women prefer vibrators that look exactly like a penis; others, on the contrary, wish for something completely and utterly… different.

-do you want one that you can strap to your body or one that you can handle just with your hands?

-what about the type of material? The ones made of strong plastic provide a much more intense stimulation and are easier to clean, but they’re louder and easily broken if dropped. Softer ones are milder in terms of noise, but harder to clean, because they’re usually porous. The best option: silicone rubber! Although they are a bit more expensive, it’s a profitable investment, trust me!

Have a sensual week,

Gabrielle Moore

P.S. After every use, wash your toy with plenty of warm water and a mildly hypoallergenic soap and dry them with a moistened piece of cloth. Check out my program on the matter – Anal Ecstasy. Here you’ll find all you need to know about the subject.

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