Anal Mythology. Break the taboos.

Anal Mythology. Break the taboos.

“If everything was coated with a seal of approval, some of the fun would go out of it. Let’s get away with something. Degrade me baby.”- Sally Tisdale

Anal sex is a handful. There are people defending it and people denying it with all their might. Some say it’s sinful; some praise its lust power and intensity. The contradictions usually come from all the myths that surround this erotic technique.

If you’re interested into trying some anal action to spice up your love life, you must make sure that you’re fully capable of discerning what’s true and what’s not. Let me help you with this particular activity.

The most widespread myths about anal sex are the following:

Myth #2: It’s painful

Not if you use proper technique. In fact, when stimulated, this area can be quite pleasurable. The New Good Vibrations Guide to Sex reminds us that:  „The anus is rich in nerve endings and participates with our genitals in the engorgement, muscular tension and contractions of sexual arousal and orgasm.” However, if you rush things up or you’re too aggressive, it will hurt, but this happens with any kind of sex, not just anal. It’s critical that you take your time, go very slowly and carefully and use plenty of lube. And yes, saliva just doesn’t cut it in this particular case. Pay attention to her body and the way it responds to your moves and if there is any discomfort, stop immediately. If you don’t, it can make the anus tenser the next time you try it. The body also has a memory of its own, you know.

Myth #3: It’s dangerous for your health

If you don’t use a condom or the right type of lube, you can end up with serious health problems. Anal intercourse is the easiest way to transmit HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases. Using a condom decreases the risk. It also keeps you away from getting a urinary tract infection, which could happen if her anus is not as clean as it should be. Don’t think that it’s enough to wash your penis after anal sex to be safe from diseases. Sex researchers Masters and Johnson report that „bacteria can scoop inside the urethra, thus escaping the cleansing action of soap and water.” You should also pay attention at the type of condom you choose. Avoid those with nonoxynol-9 or other spermicides, which may irritate the delicate tissue in the anus or rectum. Flavored, scented and warming lubes are also a no-go, since it’s been proven that they can cause irritation. Do your homework correctly and you have nothing to fear as far as health is concerned.

Myth #4: It causes incontinence

Anal incontinence is caused either by severe damage to the muscles and nerves of the anus or by the brain’s failure to control the body. It has nothing to do with anal sex, as long as it’s done by the book. If you’re so rough and tough that it results in repeated injury to the internal anal sphincter, then yes, you can make your girlfriend or wife incontinent, but if you’re reading this book, it means you want to do it right, so that not only both of you feel pleasure, but you’re also safe from unnecessary injuring.

Myth #5: It’s unnatural

“The only unnatural sex act is that which you cannot perform”, said Alfred Kinsey. And right he is. Frankly, anal sex has been around for centuries and no, it wasn’t just something the Greeks did. This century does not have a monopoly on imagination and experimenting with one’s body and people from other cultures and other times had discovered long ago that anal sex is neither weird, nor wrong. The bottom line is that it’s your body and your decision. If you think anal sex is unnatural, then don’t do it.

Myth #6: It’s a gay thing

The majority of people think that anal sex only happens in porn movies and in the gay community. There are so many jokes about homosexuals and anal sex that of course the myth started to seem real to a bunch of people. But this is not true. There is no link between anal stimulation and homosexuality. Across the centuries men and women have enjoyed anal sex free of misconceptions and independently of their sexual orientation. Not to mention that many homosexuals simply refuse to have anal sex because they just don’t like it. In Anal Pleasure and Health, Jack Morin revealed that less than 30% of homosexuals have regular anal sex, fellatio being a much more common practice.

Myth #7: Women don’t enjoy it

You know how they say that bad news travels fast? That’s the situation we’re dealing with right here: we only hear the awful stories of women being forced to it by pushy boyfriends, but we never hear about those savvy girls that enjoy it really much and practice it regularly. Sex advice columnist Susan Crain Bakos says: “Anal sex is seen as the ultimate male sexual fantasy. We, as a culture, don’t understand how much women can like it too.” And she’s right. Our culture says that “good girls don’t do that” when, in fact, they do. And a lot, if I’m permitted to add.

Have a sexy week,

Gabrielle Moore

P.S. Give this list of myths to your girlfriend or wife; she might deny you the pleasure of trying this because her judgment on the matter is clouded. Check out my program on the matter – Anal Ecstasy. Here you’ll find all you need to know about the subject.

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