60 minutes of mind blowing anal sex

60 minutes of mind blowing anal sex

„A man must have confidence in himself and his penis, to have anal sex with a woman. If he does not have this control, his penis will direct the action; he will move too quickly, hurt the once-willing woman, and rarely, rightly, will he be given a second chance”- Toni Bentley

For years it’s been viewed as one of the last sexual taboos. But ask a group of women if they’ve ever tried anal sex and I can guarantee a few vinos (and blushes) later, the confession will come.

Indeed, statistics show that anal sex- or fifth base, as it’s also known- among heterosexual couples is more popular than ever, with a Journal of Sexual Medicine study reporting that 40 per cent of women have done it at least once. And that’s because women are more sexually adventurous than they’ve ever been before. They’re looking for more intense stimulation- and anal sex certainly provides that.

Approached properly, anal sex can be intensely pleasurable. The naughtiness of a finger in the anus, another inside the vagina, and an expert tongue on her clitoris rates up there as one of life’s greatest pleasures.

So far, so adventurous. But it’s important to remember that sexual experimentation should be a two-way street, and agreed upon. Here’s a one hour program that will convince her good that anal sex definitely deserves a place in your sexual repertoire.

Start here!

8PM. While she’s watching TV, snatch the remote off her, turn off the set and when she asks you why you are interrupting her Desperate Housewives marathon, turn around, give her a come hither look and tell her you’ve prepared an indulging bubble bath for her. The sexy combination of hot water, steam and your magic hands massaging her all over with shower oils not only will make sure she’s clean, but it’s also an opportunity to get her relaxed.

8.01PM. It shouldn’t have taken her long to picture the erotic treat you have prepared for her. By now, she’s raced into the bathroom and is standing near the tub, overjoyed at the thought of what’s to come. Order her to remove her dress; in return, wriggle out your shirt and pants. Take your time to feast your eyes on her sexy hot body, which will arouse her even more.

8.03PM. Approach her slowly and start touching her underwear, taking your time before taking it off. If you can do it without your hands, all the better. Keep your underwear on- this way you’re sending her the message that, at least for now, her pleasure is the star of the show and you’ve put together this just to please her.

8.05PM. Keep her standing and start kissing from her hip right down the outside of leg, then repeat on the second one. Afterwards, kiss back up her inner leg, every so often using your tongue and sucking on her skin gently. When you make it her upper-inner thigh, linger for a while, giving lots of little kisses and gently breathing on her skin until you feel her start going crazy.

8.12PM. Take her in her arms and lie her down in the tub. As you take the moisturizer and the massage oils and start giving her an erotic massage. When you get to her down there area- concentrate around it for a while without actually touching it. The anticipation will make her heart go racing, speeding up the blood flow in her vaginal area even more.

8.19PM. When her panting grows heavier and heavier, and you know for sure she’s over head aroused, lean over and whisper in her ear that you’re thinking of trying something new this time. To help her get the message, slide your hand down her back, until you reach her buttocks. Linger there, while looking her straight in the eyes.

8.26PM. After you’re finished with the watery delight, soak the hot liquid off her body with a towel and take her to the bedroom. Once here, lie her down on the bed, with head on the pillow and her hands behind her head. Don’t let her move her hands from this spot. Whatever she wants to do to you in return- however much she wants to touch you- tell her this is all about her… for now. Start with a big, juicy french kiss, then kiss her all the way down to her stomach, then much lower, until you can finally concentrate on the clitoris.

8.33PM. While your devouring her magic button, using soft and not-so-soft moves, slide one hand down to her anus and star massaging it gently, using circling motions. Once her clitoris is all swollen and her labia are wet with excitement, turn her over, put a pillow under her belly so that her bum is slightly raised and start kissing her anus, slightly inserting the tip, for more erotic arousal.

8.36PM. By now, she should want you so badly that she’ll be the one wishing for things to speed up so that she can feel you inside her. Grant her wish and insert your penis in her vagina, and one finger (lubed up, so keep a battle of the magic potion near the bedstand) in her anus, pumping it up slowly at first, then faster, in the same rhythm as your penis. Soon enough she’ll be moving in tandem with you, to maximize her pleasure.

8.43PM. When you feel she’s just about to come, stop and lie next to her, not touching her, until you drive her completely wild. I give her 10 seconds max on this one!

8.44PM. You really don’t want to lose the moment, so put your condom on and be ready to go… the other way. Get her to stand in a doggy-style position and position yourself behind her, with the lube in one hand and the fingers of the other on her clitoris, to arouse her from both ways. Start by inserting just the tip of your penis, to see how she responds to it. Complete the insertion S.L.O.W.L.Y., centimeter by centimeter, until it’s all inside her anus.

8.51PM. Pick up the pace and start thrusting in and out, with faster movements. Now that she’s got the hang of it, try something a bit different in the position department. Pick something you don’t do too often- on the side of the bed, lying sideways, on the couch- and give those a go. They might not bring you right to the edge of your orgasm, but racing to the finish line isn’t always the best plan in this situation.

8.55PM. Now for the grand finale. Pick the position that you know suits her orgasm best and start thrusting in rhythmic movements. While working on your way to a double climax for her (you didn’t forget about the clitoris, I hope), talk to each other. Communication is key here. If you’re both aware of where the other person’s at, then the chance you’ll get there right at the same time is that much higher.

8.59. Oh, oh, oh! Okay, so you don’t have to be so precise, but right about now is when you should both be blowing a gasket. You’re welcome!

Have a sensual week,

Gabrielle Moore

P.S. You don’t have to fit all this in just one hour. If you’re feeling more generous, treat her to a couple of hours of such intense bliss! Check out my program on the matter – Anal Ecstasy. Here you’ll find all you need to know about the subject.

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