25 ways to blow her mind with your tongue

25 ways to blow her mind with your tongue

“Forget health clinics and gyms. Sex is the best cure. One good night of sex and your problems are gone.” – Grace Jones

Keep defaulting to the same three tongue tricks? The ones you possibly learned in high school and are convinced they always work like a charm? It’s time to up your game if you want your bed to burst with passionate fireworks. Monotony doesn’t only revolve around the problem of always doing it in the same position, it also has to do with the tricks you have up your sleeve to turn her on. If she’s learned them by heart, you need to bring some naughty extras. Read below.

  1. Run your lips along her hip bones while slowly making your way toward her lady parts. There are a ton of nerve endings there that are craving more attention.
  2. Let your mouth graze her ear when you whisper what you want her to do to you.
  3. Take a sip of warm (not hot!) peppermint tea before going down on her. She’ll love the tingly feeling, and she’ll taste better.
  4. Take a make-out session from good to great by sucking firmly on her tongue for a plit second.
  5. With a flat tongue, lick the underside of her labia like an ice pop. Feeling like a porn star? Yes. It’s so hot it’s definitely worth it? Of course.
  6. Run your tongue around the ridge where the vaginal lips are connected to the clitoris. It’s an area that contains about 80 percent of her erogenous tissue.
  7. The next time you give your partner downstairs action, keep this fact in mind: most women feel their breasts are ignored during this type of foreplay. Be the guy who reads her mind by stopping on your tracks and lightly sucking her nipples, where she wants it most.
  8. While running your mouth down her chest, stop to kiss and nip around her pubic mound. Just like yours, it’s an overlooked hot spot.
  9. Cup her hips in your palms and place your mouth lengthwise on her vaginal area. Move your head like you’re playing the harmonica as you lick the sides. It’s a totally different feeling.
  10. The rule with teeth: Be gentle, and never move from side to side. A soft, pulsating nibble is erotic; an actual chomping is psychotic.
  11. Surprise her with oral first thing in the morning, when she’s half asleep. The degree of hotness will burn the roof in no time.
  12. Right as she’s about to climax, increase pressure with your mouth and hands. In the height of arousal, a firmer grip feels so good to her.
  13. When she’s lying on her stomach, straddle her and kiss your way down her backbone until you reach the base of her spine.
  14. Make a ring with your thumb and forefinger and keep it close to your lips as you move up and down her vaginal lips.
  15. Before heading south, spend a little while on her inner thighs. Tease her by kissing and (very) softly biting this area.
  16. Suck on her earlobe, then trace your tongue along the outer ridge – it’s a little-known erogenous zone.
  17. When you’re behind her, kiss the back of her neck and swirl your tongue around to give her chills.
  18. The area where the scrotum meets the perineum is ultra-sensitive. Press on this spot with your tongue. Her pulsating tissue extends all the way back there, so it will give her a jolt of pleasure.
  19. Make applying lube even sexier. Use a flavored type and put it on your lips and in your mouth first, then lean forward to place it on her lady parts.
  20. Lie on your back with your head resting on a pillow and have her kneel over your mouth. It’s a good way to reduce tiredness and she can control the speed and the amount of tongue pressure you’re putting.
  21. Her bottom is not very sensitive but this doesn’t mean it doesn’t contain pleasure nerves. Do some serious kneading and biting and kissing and she’ll be moaning in a second. Also, don’t forget to swirl your tongue over her anus. It’s a major pleasure booster.
  22. Plant feathery kisses on the skin between her knees. I know it seems like a weird spot, but it’s super sensitive.
  23. Let out a soft moan while going down on her. Making noise changes the sensation for her and helps you relax your mouth muscles, which means you can resist for a longer period of time.
  24. Keep your tongue stiff as you slide it back and forth over her clitoris. It amounts the pleasure she’s feeling in that tiny spot of hotness.
  25. Another tip for the clitoris: cover your teeth with your lips and lightly nibble on it.

Have a sexy week,

Gabrielle Moore

P.S. Brush your teeth right before going down on her. The fresh, minty breath with make her even hotter. Check out my program on the subject, Anal Ecstasy.

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