The One Sex Toy You Can’t Live Without



The One Sex Toy You Can’t Live Without

“Happy, happy, joy, joy,
I’m your little sex toy.
Bite me, lick me,
scratch my back..
And give my little ass a smack!”

Hey big boy,

Today we’re going to talk about sex toys. One in particular, in fact. One of my personal favorites. It’s a common belief that some men feel threatened by sex toys, but recent research done by Indiana University shows that 70% of men are perfectly fine with their wife or girlfriend owning and using a vibrator. About half of women in the United States own sex toys and 45% of men own vibrators that they use to please their partners. So, the idea that sex toys and vibrators are a threat to men is just silly. After all, any confident man knows that anything that can add a little spunk to their sex life is a win for him.

However, if you don’t have tons of experience in the sex toy world it can be pretty overwhelming to figure out where to begin. Even if you have experience you might wonder if you’re using the best toy for you and your partner, or if there might be some new, better toy out there that will meet your needs like never before. Where to begin? Well, with me of course! Gabrielle has got you covered, like always!

I just can’t stop thinking about my favorite new toy and I couldn’t wait to get to my computer today to share it with you. It’s called “The Crave Duet.” At first glance it looks like some kind of fancy tuning fork or some kind of classy office utensil that you would purchase at Brookstone. This is not some ugly, gaudy sex toy that you want to hide from your cleaning woman. Nor is it the embarrassing toy with an animal attached that almost looks like something a child would play with. This toy is all class and discretion. It even comes with its own leather carrying case.


The vibrator is made of medical grade silicone and a metal base. It’s about 4.5 inches long and has 2 separate micro motors in its tiny body (vroom, vroom!). The toy may look simple, but it’s not. As I have said thousands of times, every woman is different. This vibrator is taking that into account and has many options for use to appeal to any woman. Here’s how it works:

* There are four different vibration settings and speeds. This is where you’ll start. How sensitive is your partner? She might find the lowest setting is enough. Or she might like the lowest setting then working your way up to the more intense ones. Or she might be an intense lady who wants maximum sensation.

* My personal favorite function of this vibrator is the two prong action. Remember, it’s shaped liked a tuning fork, so one of the options is to place the vibrator so the prongs are surrounding her clitoris. This is aaaaaaamazing because it prolongs the build up and the orgasm by avoid direct stimulation. Plus, for a woman who has an extremely sensitive clitoris, this provides the perfect amount of stimulation without being too intense.

* Each surface of the vibrator gives a different sensation. The tip is the most intense. The two motors provide different kinds of vibrations at the tip than along the body of the prongs. Try using it on its side, the tip, the edges, and the prong arms. Each one will give your partner a different, incredible sensation. It is also designed specially to vibrate only in the silicone area in order to avoid that annoying vibrating feeling running through your hand the whole time.

* Okay, my second favorite function? It’s waterproof. Use your imagination here, guys! And if it’s not working, allow me to help. Shower. Bathtime. Jacuzzi. Pool. Beach. You get the idea!

* This vibrator is small and discrete, which means you can use it on its own, while you stimulate other areas of her body, while you finger her, or while have sex. Experiment with your favorite way to use it. You don’t have to just pick one!

There are a few other cool things about this little pocket rocket. First, it’s extremely quiet. That means you could even use this naughty toy somewhere where you shouldn’t be and no one would be the wiser! Second, it’s rechargeable via USB. You just pull the prongs away from the metal base and you have your USB device right there. No need to worry about batteries or losing the charger. Finally, you can even have your Crave Duet engraved with whatever saying you want on the metal base. Fun!

Happy buzzing!
Gabrielle Moore

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