Sex Toys at Home: Improvise and Enjoy!



Sex Toys at Home: Improvise and Enjoy!

I’ll be the first to admit that there are some amazing sex toys on the market today with incredible functionality and intricate designs that simply cannot be replicated with household objects.

Things that Vibrate

The back massager, the electric toothbrush or razor (be careful where you put that thing!), the washing machine, the cell phone… your household is likely filled with devices that are meant to vibrate!

Just keep in mind that not all things that vibrate are meant for the hot, sticky mess that is sex, so be sure to strap one on first. Wrap your favorite device in a non-lubricated condom, or a latex/nitrile glove before you get started, and be careful. Your warranty does not cover drowning in lady juice.

Things that Penetrate

Go with something natural here, and make sure it’s clean – bananas (trim the rough end first, and leave the stem on for easier handling), small cucumbers or zucchinis. Don’t use anything so small that you might not be able to get it out, especially if your lover has weak pelvic muscles. Do not put anything but your fingers in her bum. The back door is especially prone to “sucking things up” so stick with your hands or an anal-specific toy.

Try making a dildo Popsicle! Fill a lubricated condom until it is the size of a small-to-medium dildo, with water (add a bit of yogurt if you’ve been playing with bananas) and freeze it. Allow it to melt just enough that you can remove the condom, and then coat it with a natural oil-based lubricant and she what she thinks. If she is particularly sensitive, she may not enjoy the cold feeling. Try adding more lube, or a layer or two of latex, and go from there.

Things to Get Kinky

When you really want to spice things up a bit and need a little help from home, the variety becomes nearly endless! Any kind of kinky roleplaying, especially any kind of BDSM (bondage, discipline / dominance, submission / sadism, masochism) activity will benefit from a good rummage around the house for new and exciting toys.

Roleplaying toys: Playing roles is kind of like theater because it is so much about set and setting. Put together a great costume; do up the room with whatever accessories you have on hand. Hang scarves or other nice fabrics from the ceiling or on a line around the bed for an exotic boudoir feel. Light some candles or put on the right music. Pull out all of your old clothes and see what kind of characters you come up with from the pile.

Binding toys: A recurring fantasy for both men and women, the feeling of being helplessly held, free to struggle, let loose and get as wild as possible while someone else holds you tight, can be incredibly erotic. Often this begins simply by using your hands to hold her wrists at bay, her legs apart, and her shoulders down, or in her hair. If your discussions with her about roleplay and fantasy have led to talk of bondage, you can improvise with things from your clothing pile, like ties and scarves.

If things get “damsel-on-a-railway” kinky, don’t use regular household ropes unless you know they are made from natural fibers like cotton, silk or hemp… and learn how to tie knots first so you understand how to bind safely.

Clamping toys: Your hands work best for this one too! Many women find it intensely erotic to have their nipples stimulated with a mix of pleasure and pain, or are able to experience orgasms simply from nipple stimulation alone. If your lover seems to particularly enjoy nipple stimulation, try spending some time focused entirely on them, instead of moving past when the foreplay is done. How heavy does she like to be stimulated? You can use your fingers or your teeth, but when things move on to the extra kinky, you can play with wooden clothespins (the older ones are better, because the spring loosens and allows you to go slow to start) and see how she responds.

Thudding and Stinging toys: When it comes to the rest of the “kinky” toys, there are two kinds – thudding or stinging. Does she like to be spanked? Does she prefer the heavy thud of a cupped hand or the light sting of an open hand? Would she enjoy moving up to a ping pong paddle or a wooden spoon? The implements available to you at this stage are wide and varied, but play with extreme caution. Try it on yourself, go slow with your partner, make sure you understand your safe words… and enjoy!

Hot kisses,

Gabrielle Moore

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