S-E-X Toys, They’re Not Just For Her



S-E-X Toys, They’re Not Just For Her

Are you interested in discovering an amazing way to heighten the intimacy in your relationship and making sex even more amazing for both you and your partner? I can only imagine that you answered yes, I mean who doesn’t want to have better and hotter sex?! Introducing sex toys into your relationship is actually a great way to bring you closer to your partner through more explosive sex.

Most people think that bringing sex toys into a relationship might signal that the man isn’t good enough to please his partner, or that their relationship isn’t in a good place, so they need sex toys to make it better. That’s definitely not true. Sex toys shouldn’t be viewed at competition or replacing anyone, but as a way of enhancing the sexual relationship.

A lot of men don’t know where to begin when it comes to sex toys. Where should they buy a sex toy? What kind of toy should they get? What will their partner think if they suggest it? How should they use the toy once they have it?

Don’t worry, I’m here to help answer all of your sex toy questions!

Where should I buy a sex toy?

Just like most things these days, I would suggest buying your sex toys online. Sure, some people prefer to purchase them in person so that they can see exactly what they’re buying up close and personal, but others really appreciate the anonymity of buying online. Do your research and read reviews to make sure you’re getting a quality product.

What kind of toy should I get?

The best sex toy for you and your partner is going to be a very personal and individual thing. I would suggest reading the rest of this article to get a few ideas and then doing some online research with your partner. Her input is important here since you will be using the toy together! Once you find a toy you like, look around at various websites and read reviews to make sure others who have bought the toy have been satisfied with it.

What will my partner think if I suggest it?

You’ll never know until you ask! I’ll tell you what, you can blame it on me if you’d like. Tell your partner that you just read an article about how getting a sex toy can spice things up and bring you closer and ask her if she would be interested in trying it. I can’t guarantee you that she will say yes, but there is only one way to find out. Ask!

How should I use the toy once I have it?

The answer to this question depends a bit on what kind of toy you get, but there a few important things to keep in mind. 1) This is exploration. Be creative, try new things, see what happens. 2) Communication is absolutely key. Make sure your partner tells you what she likes and doesn’t like. In turn, tell her what you like. Give each other direction. 3) Have fun with it and don’t take yourselves too seriously. Sex should be fun!

Most people think that sex toys can only be used on women, but that’s not true. Explore using the sex toys on both of you and see what kind of exciting result you get. The sex toy I would suggest starting out with is a vibrator, but don’t just stop there. Keep the exploration going into other kinds of sex toys too.

Vibrators – These are one of the most popular kinds of sex toys, and for a good reason – they’re amazing! They come in all shapes and sizes. I suggest getting one that has various different speed and intensity settings. Some people will like a very mild vibration, while others might want something more intense. Also, you might like a light, low vibration to use on her clitoris, but a stronger vibration to stimulate other areas of your/her body. It’s a good idea to have variation. When first using the vibrator, keep it on the lowest setting and then you can raise the intensity if necessary. Try using it on her/your erogenous zones. If using a vibrator on her clitoris, first use it in the surrounding areas, since the clitoris is extremely sensitive. Then you can slowly make your way close to the clit as she gets more turned on. Also try using it on her/your nipples and on your perineum. A great vibrator to try is one that has both a his and hers option, like the Zini Deux.

Have fun, sexy!
Gabrielle Moore

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