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Intro to Sex Toy Stores: Shopping Basics for Beginners

Sex Toys

Intro to Sex Toy Stores: Shopping Basics for Beginners

The Who, Why, Where, and When of Toy Shopping

Who buys sex toys? Just about everyone, from all demographics! Obviously a disposable income is an important part of sex toys, but I’ve known many couples in my experience who make sex toys part of their monthly or quarterly budget! There is nothing wrong, dirty, or shameful about sex toys. They are fun! Who says kids are the only ones who get to have toys to play with, right? Enjoy yourself while you still can, and get a few toys to help you along.

What sex toy should you buy? There is no perfect choice that everyone will love, so shop around, read reviews online, take a look at some toys in person if you can, and don’t give up on an entire “type” of toy if one doesn’t work for you.

Why buy sex toys? Why not?!? Some women find that they variability in stimulation that sex toys provide can greatly improve her frequency and/or quality of orgasmic experiences. This isn’t true of all women, of course, and doesn’t mean you will need to use sex toys every time you have sex, but they can be a great tool for mixing things up and enjoy a great variety of sex with your lover.

Where should you buy sex toys? This decision will greatly effect your experience. If you are lucky to live in a large enough area, it is likely that “feminist” or “luxury” sex toy stores exist in your areas. While the merchandise tends to be higher priced, it also tends toward higher quality and longer lasting materials. The staff is more likely to be knowledgeable and the environment comfortable. If you or your lover are wary about visiting the pornography/sex toy store common in some cities and small towns, the internet will save you! Unless it is illegal to buy sex toys in your country, there are thousands of sex toy retailers online…. including your very own Gabrielle Moore!

When should you buy a sex toy? Aside from the obvious (“when the store is open!”) you should purchase a sex toy, especially your first sex toy, together. Don’t use this as a chance to surprise your lover unless she has explicitly told you about a product that she wants and you feel comfortable knowing exactly what she desires. This is a process you should share.

Buying Your First Toy

Your first vibrator: there are different kinds of vibrators, depending on the motor, the power source, the shape and material. Start with something small like a bullet, but don’t give up on all vibes if your first one doesn’t work. Many women swear by the high-powered Hitachi Magic Wand, but not everyone will love it the same.

Your first dildo: think about when in her cycle your lover enjoys using a dildo – the closer to ovulation she enjoys using it, the bigger the dildo can generally be. Many women will enjoy different dildos throughout their cycle – a small one early/late on, a mid-size or larger one as they near ovulation, and perhaps a g-spot dildo for special occasions!

Your first anal toy: as a rule of thumb, start small. Use silicone or similar safe material, as it will also stay in easier when using a small toy than something slicker like latex or plastic. There are several small “beginner” anal sets which come with 2-4 different sized anal plugs, so you can start small and work up to something larger if it suits you.

Your first toy for you: if you have any intentions of sharing these toys (anal toys can be for boys too!) then be sure to get something you can sterilize, like medical grade silicone. Men may also enjoy masturbators like the Fleshlight and others. Don’t be shy! There is nothing wrong with masturbation – taking responsibility for your own pleasure is sexy!

Your first kinky toy: couples interested in kinky toys will find that there are lots of kits available for different kinds of mild BDSM or other sensation play. Exploring other kinks may require a bit of innovation, but be creative! There are thousands upon thousands of sexy opportunities available in online shopping carts around the world wide web. Find something that works for you, and enjoy!

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  1. Ajith TW

    May 18, 2012 at 5:46 am

    I know there are many a women who can never meet orgasm without seeking a third party support. In such case the role of a sex toy is great ant inevitable. Whenever you use it in good hygienic way it doe’s no harm to you but giving an extra pleasure with variety. Normally if we can not see well we use pair of eye glass and nobody sees it wrong, doesn’t they?

  2. Donna Maxted

    May 18, 2012 at 11:08 pm

    I never knew that about changing the size of a dildo depending on ovulation.. very interesting!

    Yes shop for toys together, the whole process is exciting and the anticipation can be just as thrilling as the end result. The build up is always worth stringing out that little bit longer. Share your anxieties, desires and wishes, being open, trusting each other and experimenting together brings you closer. The intimacy and pleasure you share can reignite your relationship, keep it fresh, young and fun x

  3. Al

    July 25, 2012 at 12:35 pm


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    September 17, 2012 at 6:25 am

    Someone I profession with visits your blog rather often and recommended it to me to comprehend too. The column cut is considerable and the soothe is interesting. Thanks as the insight you provide the readers!

  5. Ghadage sachin

    October 12, 2012 at 4:10 am

    Nice & Interesting

  6. stuart

    July 28, 2013 at 7:22 pm

    theres a store near Tampa Fl. {Todd] At first my wife didnt want to go in. Once in an we started to go down the well organized and well lite rows she said it was like being in a supermarket. Helpful assistance came by to help find things, explane items,show items,put batteries in so you could see and feel how they worked on your arm, hand and if you wanted thru clothing elswear. they compaired different ones so you would be happy with your purchase. the inbearasment was soon forgotten when their knowlege and openness of what you where looking to do and what would do it. Even exlpaning how to use it to get the most out of it. on a couple of vibrators we were interested in, after triing them out on our arm, said try them on her nipples and vagina thru her cloths, if she was shy there was a area next to the counter. The shyness was lost after triing a few when we both were aroused and she got off on one! The sales person said I guess you found the one you like! She did, couldnt wait to get home to use it, like i said couldnt wait to get home, started playing with it in the car,as Im driving she got more and more involved were soon she went from having her zipper open and touching her self with it to pulling her pants down and even her panties. I had to drive in the right lane because as an suv came by the lady driver could see what was going on an honked with aprovment! We use it in for play, once she cums shes so wet that I can slide right in and she cums in a few minutes. also when I come from behind she uses it on her clit, and some times is able to put it in while Im in her. This gives us both sensations.

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