4 Must Know Tidbits About Sex Toys



4 Must Know Tidbits About Sex Toys


Are you the guy who loves to use sex toys with your partner in bed? Or, are you the guy who would really like to try sex toys with your sweetie but not sure how to go about it or bring up the subject? Do you know what to do with a sex toy when you have one? Or are you a sex toy geek? Where ever you are on this spectrum, one thing is certain: Sex toys, when used correctly really feel amazing!

Sex toys can do wonders to enhance a stagnant sex life.  Sex toys can take an already rockin’ sex life to the next level of pleasure and provide stimulation not possible by human touch alone. Whether you are bored with the same routine and want to shake things up or just adventurous and want to try it all, sex toys are an amazing way to add pleasure and excitement to your sexual repertoire!

Talking to Her About Using Sex Toys

Men often ask how they bring up the subject of sex toys with their girlfriends or wives. Just like any part of sex, it all starts with good communication. How you say something about changing things in the bedroom is as important as when you say it.  First, be sure to say something in a way that does not degrade or diminish the current sex like you have with her. Focus on the positive of what you do like. For example, “Honey, you make me feel so sexy and I love our time in bed together and I have been thinking about something I could do for you to give you more pleasure. What do you think about trying a sex toy?”  That is SO much better than, “I am bored stiff with our sex life and need something to change immediately or sex with you will be more trouble than it is worth.”

Be sure to pick the right time to address the topic too. After you make love and are basking in the afterglow might be a good time to hold her in your arms and tell her how wonderful the sex was and lovingly ask her if there is anything you can do to give her more pleasure. Then suggest a sex toy.  Whatever you do, don’t ask her when she is busy with work or the kids or distracted. You want her full attention.

Picking a Sex Toy

Choosing the right sex toy for you can be a challenge but it can also be a fun experience to see what is out there. It is something you can do alone to surprise your woman with your choices or you can shop as a couple. You can visit a sex toy store together which can be a hot experience in itself or you can shop the internet. There is even a home shopping channel just for sex toys.

The first thing you want to consider is your goal. Obviously the main goal is to increase sexual pleasure but how you do that offers many options. Do you want to stimulate the clitoris? The G-Spot? Do you want something that can be used on both of you or just her? Do you want to get a little kinky? There is no end to the possibilities. Once you identify your goal, then choosing the sex toy to meet it is easy.

I’ve Bought it. Now What do I do With It?

This is where is can be really hot. Knowing what to do with your purchase is very sexy. One example is if you buy the Hitachi Magic Wand, also known as the Cadillac of vibrators, Try sitting up against the headboard and having her lie back against your chest. Put the bulb of the wand on her clitoris and turn it on low. Lightly rub the vibrator all over her clitoris and gradually increase pressure. Then turn it up to high speed and do the same. Once she has reached a high level of arousal, take the bulb of the vibrator and press it hard on her clitoris and hold it there.

Another thing you can do with the Hitachi Magic Wand is to use any of the several attachments available. Try the curved G-Spot attachment. Insert the attachment into her vagina and turn it on then press the handle of the wand down which makes the end with the attachment go up. The curved tip hits the G-Spot and will make her have an intense orgasm.

Clean up Your Mess

It is very important to clean your sex toys properly. They should be washed in hot water with antibacterial soap and a little bleach. Allow them to air dry and store them out of the sun. They need to be washed after every use and before sharing them during sex. A helpful trick is to put a condom on toys that are inserted such as dildos and some vibrators. This helps keep them clean but they must still be washed after use.

Hot kisses,

Gabrielle Moore

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