You have a G-Spot too

You have a G-Spot too

Any orgasm is a good orgasm. But there’s a certain male variety that can take a climax from good to ahhhmazing. It’s the P-gasm – the deeper, longer, more intense pleasure peak you can experience when your partner massages your prostate gland (or P-Spot) during sex. The internal, walnut-size, hypersensitive organ sits between your bladder and penis and is often compared to the female G-Spot.

Men often say that orgasms from prostate stimulation feel more expansive and whole-body than strict penile orgasms. This is partly due to the gland’s role in ejaculation: When you are aroused, it swells with fluid that makes up part of semen, then during orgasm, it squeezes and propels this fluid into the urethra. Kneading the gland can trigger the same sensation and make you feel like you are about to have an orgasm.

The most direct prostate access is up your back door, but – stay with me! – your partner can take baby steps to get there or simply please you from the outside. Either way, knowing how to enjoy a P-gasm is like having an insanely sexy superpower. Follow this guide into the greater bum-known.

Start with a conversation

Always. Trying to spring a surprise P-gasm on a woman by taking her hand and putting it near your butt can frighten her or block her from feeling any enjoyment at all. Plus, you yourself need to be fully turned on and relaxed in order to appreciate it (Sound familiar? It’s the same discussion we’ve had when it comes to getting your lady prepped for anal sex). Broach the topic ahead of time with something like, “Did you know there’s a thing called a P-gasm? I read about it the other day…” If she balks – because she feels weird about anal play with you as the main character – talk about experimenting slowly.

Venture halfway

Got the green light? Then begin with this move: While your partner is giving you oral, ask her to indirectly fondle your prostate from the outside by kneading your perineum – the area between your penis and anus – in a circular motion with her thumb. Because she’s doing this through two or three inches of tissue, it’s like giving you a back rub while you’re wearing a sweatshirt. Ask her to gently apply more pressure until you start moaning.

Go all in

Once you’re craving more, your partner can head around back. Before you begin, a few rules. You have to make sure you’re already sexually stimulated and ready to go before you ask your partner to attempt to find your G-Spot. The best way to ensure this is to ask your lady to give you an insanely killer oral sex (you won’t be able to resist the sensation of this orgasmic mix and you’ll be much more relaxed and open to whatever pleasure she’s going to give you next). So here’s how the whole process works. After circling your bum with a clean, lubed finger (or she can use latex gloves or a condom), she should work it inside you. She should aim to feel for a soft yet firm texture toward the front of your body about 2 to 3 inches in, and stroke it with a steady come-hither motion. While she’s doing that, you’ll notice your erection is growing ever stronger. Ask her to slow down, if you don’t want to orgasm right then and there but with to prolong this insane pleasure for a little while more. So what happens when she does that for a couple of minutes? You lose your mind, that’s what. The prostate has so many sexual nerves in it that it’s unlike anything you have experienced before. You will feel a fluttering sensation right before you climax, so ask your partner to stick with the movement until you do. Your orgasm will be much more intense and satisfying. Bonus! If you play with it the right way, the prostate gland can be an excellent way to keep you erect for a longer period of time.

Hot kisses,

Gabrielle Moore

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