Surprising facts about one-night stands



Surprising facts about one-night stands

If you go by international statistics, one-night stands are hugely popular among those looking to get some quick action. A study of 1,000 participants by medical portal, had 66 per cent of the participants saying they had had at least one one night stand in their life. And another 2018 Norwegian study found that women were quite happy with a one night stand, as long as they initiated it and enjoyed the encounter.

There is no doubt that with the advent of dating apps and people more open to different experiences, hookups and casual sex are on the rise. Today, there is a nonjudgmental approach to accepting people as sexual beings, and engaging constructively with them is currently more important than preaching about abstinence.

So whether it’s a gal you meet on Tinder, or a friend’s friend you met at a party, or even just a friend whose benefits you decide to exploit, the opportunities for a casual sex encounter are many, if you are eager and available. But while it may be a fun, liberating experience, it could also go awry if you don’t take a few basic precautions. Follow these few guidelines and you will be good to get some action without feeling sorry after!

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Ditch that additional drink

Getting a little high might elevate your sexual experience, but getting completely drunk and out of control is never a good idea. Not only does it put you at risk of doing something you’ll regret later, it may also ruin the night for both of you. Rest assured, she will never call you again if you vomited on her sheets!

Watch out for red flags

Even if you aren’t well acquainted with the woman that you intend to sleep with, there are certain signs that hint you she’s trouble. For example, if she’s the one asking for unprotected sex, be sure to run a mile before you look back. If a woman asks you for unprotected sex, chances are that she has expressed the same preference to most of her partners in the past. She may be at a high risk of having a sexually transmitted disease, and will expose you to it as well.

Keep emotions at bay

Face it, a one night stand does not guarantee any kind of emotional involvement, even if you do end up harboring feelings for her. A no-strings-attached sexual encounter is literally just that, and it’d be naive and a little unfair to expect otherwise. While there have been instances where one night stands have led to longer, more meaningful commitments, it’s best to keep your expectations low. No matter how nice and attractive the woman may be, avoid building emotional anticipations right after having a one night stand. And you should definitely not stalk or chase her after.

Be prepared for some guilt

One night stands don’t just happen to single, unattached people. People in committed relationships are just as likely to be tempted by the lure, so think twice before taking the step. In these situations, you are not only likely to suffer some amount of guilt, but also likely to face consequences if your transgression is discovered. Aside from that, it is likely to affect the primary relationship in a nasty way.

Know your reasons

Having a one night stand when you are depressed or on the rebound is never a good idea. You are not in a state of mind to judge the casual encounter for what it is, and may also be tempted to use the other person as an emotional crutch. There are many scientific studies that have suggested that casual sex and one night stands are strongly related to poor mental health. In most cases, it is rooted in depression, bipolar disorder, or sexual compulsive disorder. In such cases, one night stands further worsen mental health.

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