sex games

Super hot sex games to play tonight



Super hot sex games to play tonight

These carnal competitions will fire up your desire – and satisfaction. The best part: everyone comes out a winner.

Daring Dice

This is all about your partner’s pleasure! Roll a dice and follow the instructions below for the number it lands on. Each act can only last for three minutes (set a timer) before you roll again. You should keep going until your partner can’t take it any more!

  1. Run your tongue along her earlobe. Nibble it too. The ear lobes actually have many nerve endings and are considered an erogenous zone. Blowing lightly on her ear lobes, nibbling, sucking, or licking can be a major turn on.
  2. Undress her slowly, making sure to kiss each body part as it comes into view.
  3. Ask her to stroke one of her hot zones, then tell her what you would do to it.
  4. Trail your hands around her butt cheeks, then grab each. Her bum is one part of her body you should never overlook, you’ll find out pretty quickly that she appreciates a good bum fondle just as much as you do.
  5. Lick her nipples, flicking your tongue over each tip. Nerve endings in women’s nipples make them very sensitive to touch and they even become erect when stimulated. Try techniques like light touching, licking or rubbing to get her aroused or amp up her pleasure. Some lucky women have even reported having orgasms solely from nipple stimulation alone!
  6. Let your fingers wander near – but not on – her clitoris.

Titillating trivia

Upping the intimacy factor will bring you and your partner closer… and closer to ecstasy. Ask her the steamy questions below. If she answers correctly, you get the bad boy penalty. If she’s wrong, you get the sweet reward.

“What’s my favorite flavor of ice cream?


She has to lick your favorite flavor (or whatever treat is in the fridge) off you.


You have to lick your favorite flavor (or whatever treat is in the fridge) off you.

Finish the fantasy

Tapping into your fantasies can be a major turn-on. Read this story out loud and then, together, come up with a sexy way to end it, taking turns to add a sentence – until your erotica becomes your reality.

“You’re working late. All your colleagues have gone home – even the cleaning crew. Suddenly, you hear footsteps coming toward you. You sit very still, wondering who it is, when you see a shadow right outside your door and… there I am. I walk in, sit on your desk, smile slowly, and…”

Carnal challenge

It’s time to pump up the thrill level in your lust life. Choose one of the dares below to carry out tonight.

Create a new oral move. Each of you must come up with a fresh new way to satisfy the other person down below.

Ambush your partner when they least expect it. Push them against the wall, strip off every stitch of their clothing, then kiss them all over.

See how loud you can get. During sex, make as much noise as possible – moaning, groaning, panting, yelling – until the neighbors are forced to file a (jealous) complaint.

Get her hot game

Stimulate her senses – one erotic inch at a time. Blindfold your partner, then ask her to pick a number between one and four. Then, follow the naughty instructions for that number.

  1. Gently trace your fingers from her inner thighs to where her leg meets her pelvis.
  2. Dip your tongue into her belly button, then kiss along the waistband of her panties.
  3. Slowly suck on her bottom lip, then do the same to her top lip before giving her a long, deep kiss. Often some things fall by the wayside when it comes to getting down and dirty, and kissing is often the first casualty. Kisses are incredibly intense and are proven to increase a woman’s arousal. A hot kiss is not just a prelude, but the carnal cherry on the cake – guaranteed.
  4. Suck on each of her fingers, softly scraping her fingertips with your teeth.

Hot kisses,

Gabrielle Moore

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