Summer sex hacks you have to try



Summer sex hacks you have to try

Sunshine, fresh air, drooling over the nearly naked smoke-show lying next to you at the beach… It’s finally (almost) summer, and whether you’re aware of it or not, your sex drive is in full send mode.

Why? Because soaking up vitamin D gets you thinking about doing the deed. Exposure to sunlight can increase levels of the chemical serotonin, which can trigger greater arousal. It can also influence reproductive hormones and ovulation, which may boost women’s libido. Add to this the fact that the scent of sweat may play a role in sexual attraction, and it’s no wonder you’re feeling lusty.

To satisfy all your urges, use my expert-backed tips and tricks to have even more fun in the sun – or in a nicely air-conditioned bedroom, if that’s more your style. Either way, get ready to make your hook-ups so much hotter and your orgasms that much stronger!

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1. During masturbation, envision a session by the pool or on a boat in the middle of a dam, using your imagination and all five senses to make it feel real. Don’t ejaculate, just make your erection as strong as possible than share it with your partner.

2. Put a stainless-steel, glass or other fridge-safe toy into the fridge for 10 minutes before inserting it inside your partner for a chilly and erotic new sensation.

3. After bathing, don’t let your partner dry of. Instead, have her slip on a white top and walk into the bedroom to show you she’d win any wet T-shirt contest, hands down. This will give you an amazing boner!

4. Help boo cool off after a long, sweaty commute. As soon as she walks through the door, start stripping her down, saying, ‘You should be naked. Now.’ Then lead her to the couch and take her in your arms. She’ll be naked in one… two… three.

5. Ask your partner to wear a barely-there bikini in front of you while doing something mundane at home, such as watering the plants. I guarantee your hands will be on her and pulling strings off of her in a matter of seconds.

6. Ask your lover to give you a sexy, sensual massage with aloe-vera gel or a smooth body lotion. Once you’re totally relaxed and ready, return the favour.

7. Take a blanket outside right before sunset. Cover up, then use your hands to pleasure each other downtown as you watch the sky’s colour show.

8. Go skinny-dipping together, the exhilarating experience will be a major turn-on. The next best thing? Sex in an outdoor shower.

9. While camping in a tent (or pretending you’re in one), use only your flashlight and mouth to find new erogenous zones on your partner’s body – such as the nape of their neck or the rise of their hip.

10. Place a small dab of pineapple lube, onto your partner’s clitoris, then lick it off.

11. When it’s too hot to move, lie on your sides and enter your partner from behind. If she needs more clitoral stimulation, this angle makes it easier for her to touch herself.

12. Have sex in the kitchen with the air-con on full blast. Have your partner sit on the counter (her butt will be cool!) while you stand in front of her. She should lean back, support her weight on her arms, and rock her hips to feel your entire shaft inside of her.

Hot kisses,

Gabrielle Moore

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