Spicy sex: Recipes that bring you closer than ever



Spicy sex: Recipes that bring you closer than ever

“When I get down my knees, it is not to pray”- Madonna

Want some advice on how to bring the oomph back into your sex life, and your relationship? I know that so far you were mostly told ways to become more intimate with your partner, to connect on so much more ways than ever before, but that doesn’t mean that this is all you have to do in the bedroom.

Intimate sex has room for creativity also! You don’t have to settle for a lot of caressing and languid, romantic kissing. The hot and bothered sex that I’m sure it’s always lingering in your mind has to be present also.

That’s why I’m giving you here a few alternatives to the traditional “rules” of making love, for you to spice up the action in the bedroom and beyond. Start applying them tonight!

1. Do it in the shower, not in the bedroom

A shower is not only meant to get you clean. It also has some pretty sensuous possibilities, and women often fantasize about being “caught” soaping themselves. So, if you want to see her smile, just step into the shower and ask, “May I join you?” By giving her some wet, warm and soapy attention- don’t jump right from the start with intercourse- she’ll feel appreciated and cared for, not merely a sex object.

2. Touch her other places

Couples that have been together for any length of time can fall into patters of lovemaking. That is, they caress one another in similar ways each time they make love.

Surprise your partner next time you are in bed by touching her everywhere but between her legs or on her nipples, at least until she asks you to. Instead, use your hands anywhere and everywhere else. There are plenty of erotic zones on a woman’s body, and they surely need more attention.

3. Try some aural sex

Talking dirty to your partner at the right moment can be extremely hot. Before you do it though, make sure you are both comfortable with it. Not all women want their partners puff them up with porn borrowed sex talk. However, some honest vocal appreciation of her and the sex you share together can be very nice. Let her know how she makes you feel, what you want her to do to make you feel good, what you enjoy about her body. She’ll appreciate your openness, especially since men are known to not being that vocal in the bedroom.

4. Oral sex… and that’s it.

How about an evening when you’re allowed to use only your mouth in the process of lovemaking. This may seem like a challenge, but a little variety didn’t hurt anyone. So, the next time you are making love, touch each other only with your mouths. Keep your hands away. Kiss, lick, nibble, and suck all over each other. Let your mouth roam where your hands would otherwise.

5. Pick a date night

For some couples, there is a question of when to make love. If one is in the mood, but the other isn’t or the other way around, you might end up fighting and adding pressure or doubt to your relationship. An excellent solution is to pick one night a week that is date night no matter what. As an experiment, agree on one day of the week that the two of you will meet for sex. Don’t let anything interfere, not even a bad mood, because each of you has to able to depend on that meeting.

6. Pay attention

Everyone loves attention; yet we are often self-conscious about asking for it. One of the simplest ways that you can give attention to the lady in your life is to pay attention to her hair. It may seem a simple thing to you, but she will love it if you offer to brush her hair. A little bit of pampering feels really good. For a woman, so much of what is sexy is not actual sex but the ceremonies between men and women, before and after sex.

7. Cuddle first

Couples that have been together for awhile sometimes lose touch with the simpler physical moments of their beginning. Recapture the simpler time in your relationship, when this kind of physical communication was important. Both of you will benefit from this return to some of your earliest forms of lovemaking, when just holding one another was charged with electricity. Sometimes the best way to heat up your sex life is actually slowing it down, and a few minutes of cuddling before you turn the pleasure thermometer is a great way to do that.

Have a gorgeous week,

Gabrielle Moore

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