Sex tricks hall of fame



Sex tricks hall of fame

“I don’t have dirty thoughts, I have unapologetically normal thoughts which happen to be intensely erotic.” – Anonymous

Every week, I offer you scores of molten-rock-hot bedroom moves to incorporate in your randy repertoire. And judging from the ecstatic feedback I receive, my expertise really hits the mark. But among my his-and-her pleasure tips, some stand out as especially earth-shattering. Behold, my best-ever sex tricks.

Hands-free hanky-panky

Erotic Instructions: Make your mitts off-limits and take turns touching each other with different body parts.

Passion payoff: This trick kicks you out of the foreplay comfort zone. If you can’t use your hands, you have to experiment with more creative ways to bring yourselves to a boil. A few examples: rub your nipples against hers, have her sweep her hair along your member, and brush your unshaven cheeks against her belly.

Tongue trick

Erotic Instructions: While making out, draw her tongue into your mouth slowly, then suck on the tip.

Passion Payoff: This playful twist on a typical pucker will send currents of electricity between her legs. Women like a medium amount of pressure when they kiss, and this sucking motion is just that – not feather-light but not hard. Plus, it will make her fantasize about where else you might use your mouth.


Erotic Instructions: While she stands behind you, she should stroke your member, alternating her hands in downward motions rather than the usual up-and-down move.

Passion payoff: The constant hand-over-hand downward action will remind you of penetration; it will feel as if you’re entering her over and over again. And because she is standing behind you, her motions will mimic the angle from which you stroke yourself, making it more likely to climax.

String of pearls

Erotic Instructions: Rub a string of pearls (not expensive ones!) between your lubed-up palms, then drape them across your partner’s inner thighs, stomach, and vaginal area, and roll them into her skin.

Passion payoff: The smooth pearls on her sensitive skin will treat her to feel-good friction. Pearls retain heat, so the more you roll and rub them into her body, the warmer they’ll feel.

Tingly twins

Erotic Instructions: As you sip champagne or another bubbly beverage, put one of your partner’s nipples in your mouth and swirl the liquid around. Sip again and do the same to the other breast.

Passion payoff: You know that fizzy feeling you get on your tongue after sampling a carbonated drink? This trick will deliver the same goose bump-producing sensation. It won’t last long, but the one-of-a-kind ticklish buzz will arouse an ultrasensitive body part.

The V

Erotic Instructions: Form an upside down V with your index and middle fingers and place it over her vaginal lips, as if you were framing them.

Passion payoff: Men love orally pleasing women, but they tend to be insecure about where to start or if you’re up for it at that moment. This digit-directing move gives you an official go-ahead and takes the guesswork out of going down. You can widen or constrict your fingers depending on exactly where she wants you to feel your mouth. And the feel of your own hand on her lips increases your pleasure.

The crossed-ankles clench

Erotic Instructions: Have her lie on her back while you kneel as you enter her. Raise her legs and cross her ankles so her right foot is planted against the right side of your chest and her left foot is against the left side of your chest.

Passion payoff: As she crosses her ankles, her vaginal walls will clamp down on your member – a super-intense squeeze that just might send you over the edge. It will feel as if she’s doing one long Kegel exercise on you. Plus, she’ll have more freedom to move, since your body weight won’t be on her.

Have a sexy week,

Gabrielle Moore

P.S. Instead of the usual jack-hammering back and forth or in and out during sex, ‘stir’ your penis inside your partner, moving in slow, steady circles. To discover more advanced tips and techniques about sex tips, check out my program Vagina Masterclass where you will discover the perfect tools for liberating the female orgasm.

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