Ready for your best holiday sex ever?



Ready for your best holiday sex ever?

Whether you’re planning a holiday trip with your partner or merely fantasising about one, vacation sex likely plays a starring role in your vision. It deserves its reputation as particularly delicious. Stress is your sex life’s archenemy, and when you and your partner step away from what stresses you out from day to day (work, empty fridges, dirty dishes, kids, if you’ve got ’em), you may find yourselves as interested in each other as you are in the sightseeing. If you prepare for it, holiday sex can be the best kind of sex.

Since I like to do my research before proffering advice, I took my partner to an all-inclusive couples resort to conduct field research and compile vacation-sex best practices for you, my dear. (I know, my job is hard, but someone’s got to do it.)

On the menu: a weekend just the two of us, locked in our room; late-night dancing, couple’s massages, a candlelit dinners with far too much champagne. Because this is what holiday sex is all about: reconnecting physically, after a long year of battling our normal, sometimes stress-filled, fast-paced day-to-day life. Click through to discover our findings, and tips for better holiday sex — from which toys to bring to how to enjoy your bodies like never before.

Plan accordingly

In addition to packing your butt plugs and the swimsuit that drives you bonkers, you have to be prepared with some less fun sex tools, too. For example, in some countries, emergency contraception is accessible, but in others it’s harder to get and/or requires a prescription. If you’re concerned, your best bet is to just pack an emergency contraceptive to have just in case. And the same goes for other vagina circumstances that could arise, like a yeast infection or your partner’s period. It’s better to be prepared and pack an OTC yeast infection medication or a few tampons than to have to worry about running to the drugstore mid-vacation.

You will also want to bring a few discreet, space economising sex toys that still pack a punch. If you bring any battery-powered toys, make sure to remove the batteries and stow them separately from the toys so that the TSA doesn’t wonder why your carry-on just started buzzing. Also, consider waterproof toys if you’re eyeing shower, hot-tub, pool, or ocean action.

And don’t forget the lube! Sex play for hours on end has its drawbacks – sore bits and dryness. Combined with stuffy climates and soaring temperatures your bits can take a bit of a bashing. Avoid nastiness in your knickers by keeping a lube handy that will also prevent any chaffing down there.


If your vacation is in a location with a hot climate, cool down (as you heat things up) with temperature play — meaning: apply low temperatures to provoke a sensual response. When people think of temperature play, they often think of warm wax or massage oil, but a cold toy can be more appealing when it’s sweltering outside — and you likely already have one in your freezer. Ice is a simple and sensual way to incorporate temperature and sensations into your sex life. Not only does the ice chill the part of the body it’s touching — nipples, inner thighs, buttocks, stomach, and more — but the ice water it creates can also be a fun. You can also cool a glass dildo by placing it in a bowl of ice water or, if it’s made of borosilicate glass, placing it in the freezer (soda-lime glass is more fragile, so stick to ice water if that’s what your dildo is made of).

Another pro tip: Sensations of cold will feel even more intense if the recipient is blindfolded. Just as important is to not stick to your normal routine. Don’t opt for your favourite position when you’re engaging in some mattress magic. If you usually opt for missionary, now is the time to get your woman on all fours. If you overuse girl on top, try reverse cowgirl for a change and so on.

Hot kisses,

Gabrielle Moore

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