The pleasure prescription – Part 1

The pleasure prescription – Part 1

Use the sexy secrets packed into this two-part article to invest in what I like to call your sexual wellness. Doing so will amp up every erotic experience you share with your partner.

Higher self-esteem. Less stress. A stronger immune system. Fewer bad moods. Research shows you can get all this and more from good sex… or more specifically, a good sex life. It helps maintain your physical, mental, and emotional health. And solo or partner sex will keep you looking better and feeling more confident. So yes, sexual wellness is key for your overall well-being. But how do you best tend to the parts that make you a unique, authoritative, bliss-seeking sexual person and whip your intimate life into shape? You can start with pampering all your carnal spots. What follows is my two-part guide to owning and improving you and your partner’s erotic health, from nurturing the following four (crucial!) moan zones, feeling more confident naked, exploring your partner’s vagina mood-boosters, and bringing on spine-tingling thrills.

Moan zone. Your brain

The brain is your most erotic organ. It’s super important for arousal, as your hypothalamus sparks the production of testosterone and estrogen, hormones that fuel your lusty cravings. Your brain also produces a potent cocktail of chemicals, including dopamine and norephinephrine, which are linked to pleasure and passionate attraction. How do your hot parts respond to this naughty party upstairs? For you, they harden your erection, while for your lady, they pump out natural lubrication and swell with blood – priming you both for a hot hookup. And the whole thing works the other way around too. Regular sexual activity is linked to keeping your brain sharp, so yeah, sex also makes you smarter. Sexual relationships are not just important for sex per se, they are impacting on other factors too, like cognitive function.

Erotic exercises

Exercising this sexual powerhouse is as easy as doubling down on X-rated thoughts. So play a little game with your partner: Write down your top five sex fantasies. These can be mild (taking a bath with your partner, trying light bondage) or wild (watching your partner kiss another girl, having a threesome, being tied up). If you allow your minds to get as racy as they want to, you can become seriously turned on, because the erotic imagination is a wonderful gift. Sharing your erotic wishes with your partner and asking her to do the same might even leave you with one or two things that you both want to try. Plus, if you really want the fantasy to come true, how can that happen if you don’t declare it? If you do decide to go ahead and turn your fantasies into reality, start slow and take turns orchestrating little erotic surprises. Even if you don’t play them as you’ve imagined them from start to finish, they will sure become the novelty you needed to spice up a boring sexual routine.

Moan zone. Your partner’s vulva

A woman’s outer genitalia needs more love. It’s a key erogenous area – home of the clitoris, with some 8,000 nerve endings! – but some men (and even women!) ignore it altogether. One reason women don’t particularly flaunt it: they don’t like the way it looks. Whenever a woman doesn’t feel good about her body, it becomes harder to get to a place where she can orgasm. But making sure she stays positive about all her downstairs parts has huge rewards. Research shows that women who do so tend to have better sex and reach climax more easily than those who don’t.

Erotic exercises

Surprisingly, a good way to ensure your partner becomes BFFs with her vulva may be to ask her to let you take a closer look at it. Women may feel better about their genitals after they see men approaching them with lust and admiration. When she sees you are in awe of her vagina, it will make a big difference in how she appreciated her own physiology. Or you can ask her to get intimate with the area herself. Hand her a mirror and let her familiarize herself with… herself. How can you not appreciate a body part that can bring so much joy?

Hot kisses,

Gabrielle Moore

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