How to up your game with the ladies



How to up your game with the ladies

Game is a collection of beliefs, behaviors, strategies, and tactics that make women more attracted to you while increasing your likelihood of experiencing intimacy. It’s often based on cold approaching, an active strategy where you walk up to a woman you don’t know and present yourself in the best way possible so that she decides, at some point, to have sex with you.

The popular misconception about game is that it’s simply a collection of pick-up lines where you walk up to a lady and say something cheesy while wearing an outlandish hat. Not only is it more strategic than that, but game has evolved into a more holistic program of changing your appearance, behavior, and living habits. I remember the days when boldly approaching a woman was enough for her to think you were confident and attractive, but now that women are approached so frequently, how bold is she going to think you are when you’re the third guy to speak to her that day? As time passes, higher levels of game are required to accomplish the same result.

On the surface, it seems crazy that a man has to put in massive amounts of work in order to have sex with the women he wants, but men who don’t use game, who toil in jobs or businesses to accumulate money and fancy cars in order to impress women, are doing the same thing. They’re just relying on “provider” game that used to work before women made their own money or had a wide choice of who to date. Because having a good job or car is no longer a reliable way to secure the affections of a pretty woman, a more direct method in the form of modern game was developed, which has a far higher return on investment than trying to impress a girl with your career or material possessions.

So how do you do it exactly?

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Polish your internal game

What does it take to succeed at the game? Effort. You need to put in the work by placing yourself in the company of women and speaking to them. But knowledge is also important. The most important factor for game success is something you cannot see or touch. It’s an invisible force embedded in your mind that control you every second of the day. It’s your belief system. Your beliefs determine your behavior and they not only include what you think about women, but also what you think about yourself. It is often the case that the biggest obstacle to success in any area of life is having negative beliefs, often called “self-limiting” beliefs. Without even knowing it, men sabotage their lives by nurturing beliefs that lead them away from their goals. To be good with women, you need to have these essential beliefs:

  • “I don’t care if I take this woman home, but I do care about taking someone home”
  • “A woman primarily evaluates my value based on how I treat her”
  • “Every time I fail, I take on big step towards success”
  • “It’s fun to meet new women just to see what happens”
  • “I will invest my time only in women who add value to my life”
  • “I ultimately choose how a woman treats me”
  • “If she pushes away, I must pull away”

In order to be successful with women, not only in casual relationships, but also in long-term relationships with women you want to make a family with, you need to internalize this mindset. But this by itself is not enough. You need to act to make these beliefs work for you in real life.

Tune up your pre-game

Many men mistakenly think that game is simply about walking outside, finding the first attractive woman, and saying a handful of lines that will make her panties wet, but your lines are only a small part of what women use when assessing your value. You need to improve yourself to the extent that you can use less fame. If you make the most of your genetic potential in a way that is attractive to women, you may only need a touch of game to get the women you want. The areas that are most worth improving are your physical health, appearance and hygiene.

Up your attraction levels

Until the end of time, men will ask, “What do women want?” Dozens of theories have been thought up and hundreds of books have been written in an attempt to answer this question. The problem with general theories of attraction is that they fail to take into account that each woman has her own individual quirks. Yes, all women have common patterns when it comes to attraction, but when analyzing an individual woman, you may find that she prefers a stocky drug-dealer over the archetypal tall, successful, and handsome businessman who the culture promotes as being more desirable.

There are three types of attraction: pre-minute, post-minute, and reputational. One of the three has to be present for a girl to show some interest in you and allow the seduction to proceed.

Pre-minute attraction is the attraction a girl has for a man she doesn’t know after she has been exposed to him for less than one minute. It’s a result of his appearance, height, clothing, body language, vibe, and tone of voice.

Post-minute attraction is based on what you say, the stories you tell, your sense of humor, background, job, hobbies, experiences, and how well all of these things connect with your body language, vibe, and general demeanor.

Reputational attraction means that your reputation preceded you and she was interested before you knew she existed.

Make sure you’re at least average when it comes to all three and try and excel at at least one of these and you’re on the path to success.

Hot kisses,

Gabrielle Moore

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