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How to Have Daily Shower Sex

Sex Tips for Couples

How to Have Daily Shower Sex

Many people fantasize about having sex in the shower. You’re naked, things are slippery, she looks really hot all soaking wet and shiny. There are a lot of positive factors going on, but the truth is that shower sex often doesn’t end up being as hot as you expected. Why??!! Well, you really need to know what you’re doing, first of all. So, that’s what we’re going to talk about today. Shower sex can be AMAZING, if done right, so here’s how to do it right!

* Pick your timing – Shower sex can be an amazing way to start your day, but you need to make sure that both you and your partner actually have time to do it right before you make your move. If you spring the idea on her when she has just enough time to go through her whole morning routine before leaving for work, you’re going to get a firm NO and get shoved out of the shower. That’s a guarantee. So, unless you’re both early risers with plenty of time in the morning, you might want to try this out on a weekend when you have time to enjoy yourselves.

* Keep her away from the stream of water – It’s very sexy to see your woman all glistening with water, but the fact is that the stream of water will actually wash away her natural vaginal lubrication. This will make sex very uncomfortable for both of you and could even result in an infection for her. So definitely make sure you keep her away from the stream of water once you’re ready to get inside her.

* Use a silicone based lube – So, even though it’s a good idea to stay away from the stream of water, your partner will still likely get some of her natural lubrication washed away. That’s when using a silicone based lubricant can be an amazing solution. Silicone based lubes won’t wash away with just water (you will need to use soap as well once you’re ready to get cleaned up), so it makes the perfect addition to shower sex. Please remember to use it sparingly. It’s very slippery, so if you squirt it all over and some goes on the floor, you could have a serious slip and fall on your hands.

* Keep the position simple – It’s a good idea to keep BOTH feet on the ground and don’t try anything too crazy. The possibility of slipping and falling in the shower is much higher, so it’s a good idea to play it safe. A good position to try is standing doggy style. Also, take advantage of any handles and knobs your shower has to help you or your partner brace yourselves. Also invest in a non slip mat for the floor of the shower. This will give you added security from having a fall. A sex related shower incident is a sure way to ruin the mood and guarantee that shower sex will never happen again.

* Do foreplay in the shower – Some couples find that actually having penetrative sex in the shower just doesn’t work for them, but foreplay in the shower is incredible. Use your shower time to get yourselves turned on for sex. Try washing each other’s bodies with the soap and water, make out under the stream of hot water, caress one another and touch each other all over. Then, when you can’t take it anymore, get out, dry each other off a bit and get it on!

* Take a bath instead – Baths can also be an amazing way to be intimate together. First, you should definitely NOT attempt to have sex under the water (for the same reasons you shouldn’t under the shower stream). But, you can light candles around the tub, add some bubble bath, pop a bottle of champagne, and really have some fun together!

* Invest in shower safe sex toys – Another way to have an amazing time in the shower with your partner is to invest in waterproof sex toys. You don’t have to use penetration for it to count as sex, remember! There are waterproof vibrators, vibrating sponges and even vibrating mesh poofs! If you pull one of these out and give your partner an amazing orgasm to start her day, she’ll likely be inviting you into the shower a lot more often.

* Final note – If you and your partner use condoms, please make sure you are careful to check to see if they can be used with water.

Gabrielle Moore

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  1. Paresh Shah

    January 18, 2017 at 9:27 am

    Absolutely correct ! I have sex with my girlfriend whilst having a bath. Penetrating her from behind when we are both sitting gives sheer pleasure to both of us. When showering we opt to wash each other’s bodies, touching every part of ourselves, kissing and stroking each others genitals before I carry her to bed to continue having penetrative sex.

  2. Anton

    January 18, 2017 at 8:42 pm

    We regularly have sex in the shower
    It takes time to perfect BUT it is well worth the effort
    I recon that sex in the shower is nearly perfect sex
    Regret my partner is not so convinced but I intend to keep trying!

  3. Kevin

    January 18, 2017 at 10:26 pm

    Some really good facts, but first….. brush your teeth. Morning breath and kisses could turn one off if you ate garlic or onions the night before. So, brush teeth, gargle then get in the shower or bath and make bubbles.

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