How to FINALLY land the woman of your dreams



How to FINALLY land the woman of your dreams

So how can you land your dream girl? The one you’ve been fantasizing about for quite some time, but didn’t have the guts to make your move? Whether the woman you desire is a complete stranger or close friend, the following tips will help initiate contact with her.

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How to FINALLY Land: The friend you are secretly crushing on

Your biggest challenge is showing her that you’re more than a best bud. My advice: Ask her out—whether it’s to dinner or for a drink—and make it clear that it’s just going to be the two of you. From there, you need to create a sexy, non-friend dynamic.

Here’s how: As soon as you see her, compliment her on what she’s wearing. Throughout the night, initiate subtle physical contact that you normally wouldn’t make, like putting your arm around her or grabbing her hand as you guide her through a crowded bar. These simple gestures give you space to analyze how she responds. And the understated moves work better than just blurting out that you’re into her, because if she responds coldly to your advances, you can simply return to acting how you normally would.

How to FINALLY land: The babe you see every morning when you go out for coffee

Women like men who know what they want and take the initiative to go after it. So if you run into the same woman every morning when you’re grabbing your daily cup of Joe, make the effort to talk to her. Start small: Flash her a smile and make small talk. If she always orders the same drink, mention you’ve never had it and ask if she recommends it. If you’ve noticed her sweet car, ask her how it drives. Anything that shows you’ve been paying attention to her will be flattering.

Want to really leave a lasting impression? Turn up at the coffee shop a few minutes before your normal ETA, and leave money with the barista to cover your dream girl’s drink. Once she gets her java, approach her and tell her that you’d love to treat her again—but this time, after your 9-to-5.

How to FINALLY land: That gorgeous lady you almost always see at the bar when you go out with the lads

Trying to catch the girl you’ve already met a few times in passing may be the easiest mission of all, because you don’t have to worry about ruining an already-established friendship or breaking the ice. Next time you see her out, jumpstart the conversation by bringing up your common ground. Is she a friend of a friend? Does she work in your building? Does she break a sweat at your gym? Once you’ve initiated contact, buy her a drink and get her to talk about her passions.

Ask questions and listen to her answers. Then, once you find out her passion, run with it. Is she really into music? Invite her to the hot ticket in town next weekend. Does she love baseball? Tell her you’d love to take her to a game. Is she an art fiend? Ask her if she’d accompany you to a local gallery and teach you a thing or two about the paintings.

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