How to bring a girl home



How to bring a girl home

Stud, when a beautiful woman crosses your path, don’t ruin it. Seize the moment! (Carefully!) Here, I demystify the delicate art of making a completely charming stranger want to sleep with you.

Nobody likes picking up complete strangers. I mean, if you’ve got an ego the size of China or you’re a creepy stalker, you might, but otherwise it’s a pretty scary prospect for any guy. Why? Because it forces you to make yourself vulnerable in front of someone – a lady nonetheless! You feel corny. Hesitant. Plus, what if she’ll bluntly cut you off and make you feel like a fool? The cost-benefit analysis is pretty hazy to say the least.

But you can’t swear off the pickup part entirely. Why? Because for the most part it’s inevitable. You’ll be strutting along, happy with the car you just bought, liking your job, hitting the gym, maybe even taking multivitamins, and then—pow—you’ll see a woman, leafing through her magazine maybe, with her shiny hair, and those gorgeous shoes, and she’ll laugh her pretty laugh and you’ll feel turned on and it’s awesome and you’ll want it all for yourself. What are you going to do in this case? Talk to her or risk never seeing her again? You should definitely talk to her.

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Chris Rock was so right when he said: “A woman knows if she’s gonna sleep with you within the first four to five minutes of meeting you.”

So here’s the deal; here’s how you should make those first minutes count: Look at her face, check out her torso region, her shoes (women love it when a guy notices their shoes), and then back at her lovely face while smiling a medium-size smile. Keep it simple and natural. Looking a woman up and down should take no longer than counting to four, tops. Don’t eye-ball the crap out of her and then lick your lips like a horny animal. If she doesn’t flee, her curiosity is definitely piqued and you’re in the running. Trust me on this.

Let’s say the wonderful girl is at a bar and half-turned towards you—and she stays that way – that’s a good sign. Reassure her by looking a little sheepish and even timid when you’re in her sight line. Your should give off the vibe that says “I know, right? What even is this foolish thing?” Let her think that you don’t think she’s a sure thing. Yet. From there, just say hi. Tell her your name; offer to buy her a cocktail. Depending on how convincing you are when you imply that you’re baffled by this type of encounter (because never do this, ever), now would be the perfect time to make your first move. How do you do that? Well, you aren’t going to stay on those barstools for ever, so an extraction is necessary. Tell her: “Would you be mortified if I suggested we go someplace a little bit more quiet?”

Here’s another scenario: the pavement pickup.

This one rarely works, so you can’t take it personally if she refuses you. Women rarely just go home with someone that picked them out on the street and I’m sure you can understand why. Remember: You are complete strangers. For all that she knows, you could have eight bodies stashed in your closet at home. So this time is also a perfect time for simplicity. So bravely say hi and tell her your name, like I suggested earlier. Don’t say: I love your deep blue eyes, they remind me of the sea during a massive storm. The sidewalk is no place for getting all fancy and cheekily romantic! If she’s not dead-eyed yet, continue. Say: “I know this may sound nuts, but could I buy you a cup of coffee or a glass of wine nearby?”

In any setting, picking your momentum is key. If you can lock some time with her, do it without hesitation. If the situation is complicated and complex, like for example you’re on mass transit and can’t really talk for long, try to get her contact or give her yours and promise you won’t make it weird in case she does decide this doesn’t go anywhere.

Oh, a couple of quick but helpful notes about exchanging contact information: Don’t hand a woman your card, this isn’t a business transaction. If you do get lucky and she does give you her phone number, don’t reach via text, call her. You’ll show her you’re really serious about this.

If the call goes to voice mail, even better, because this is your time to shine. Be adorable and cute. Clear your throat and sound nervous – women love that. Do that funny thing where you say a running commentary of exactly what you’re doing at this exact moment: “This is me calling you on your phone, leaving you this voice mail, hoping you’ll call me back, because then I can finally take you out like we talked about.” That’s great – funny and human! If she calls you back – and she probably will – chances are she’s seriously considering getting intimate with you. There, you’ve done it.

Hot kisses,

Gabrielle Moore

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