How to ace the hot and heavy attraction game



How to ace the hot and heavy attraction game

Want to amp up your sex appeal? Here’s what you need to bring back that spark in your flirting game and attract any woman fast and easily.

To this day, no-one fully understands why some men have ladies want to rip their clothes off, while others never seem to have any real and solid luck. What I do know is that for many guys this happens often – like really often. They go out, flirt their brains out and nothing works.

There are so many factors at play when it comes to erotic flirting and what women crave when it comes to seduction that it makes analyzing the phenomenon difficult to say the least.

For starters, enticing sexual desire in a woman is an elusive and complex thing. It’s mental, physical, emotional and contextual. It also occurs differently in women than it does in men, which confuses the latter a great deal. And all men have this story in their heads that the hottest the woman is, the more difficult she is to attract. That belief in itself may be limiting you more than you realize. Sexual interest has nothing to do with aesthetics, it’s something as spontaneous as it is inexplicable. It’s an energy between two people that can come about in many ways.

All that said, I have some theories about how you can feed any woman’s hunger for you. Allow me to explain, but not before I tell you this: If you want to learn more about the easiest way to get hot girls interested in you, check out this program called Rise of the Phoenix, by my friend Sebastian Harris – It’s a rejection-proof seduction system that allows thousands of regular guys to attract the hottest women around. NOTE: This program was NOT created by me.

How to plant the seed of lust

During your initial interaction, you have to make sure you’re forming a deep sensual bond. You want her to crave you almost without realizing it – which is ideal. This way you both view yourself as two sexually hungry people seeking release. When you turn her on sexually before anything else and focus on the carnal aspect of your connection, you prioritize your sexual desires and subconsciously let her know she will have a wild and free night with you.

When a woman gets turned on like this, instead of being lured with mechanical, scripted lines, lusty urges become almost unbearable. And when she feels pursued like this, she will want to share with you the promised pleasure and intimacy.

The problem with being too close

If you’re usually very affectionate and even cuddly when trying to lure a woman, you’re actually ruining your chances. I know it may sound counterintuitive, but a little distance makes her want you even more. Of course, proving that you’re capable of powerful emotional intimacy is important, but it’s just as important to let her know that you’re not desperate to have her and that she’s not the only woman with whom you can share a night of passion. When you relate with her as someone who exists separately from you and your own needs, you plant the seed of real desire. So it’s crucial to keep your distance in order to access and prolong her sexual craving for you.

How to make her hot for you

When a woman think she knows you, she stops being curious about you, that’s why you have to let her know that there’s more for her to explore and discover in you. Try telling her something about you that she can’t possibly imagine with her mind. Even though this game is not overtly sexual, seeing this new, unexpected side of you can pique her curiosity, which can stimulate lust.

If you want a sexier challenge, give yourself a different persona – it doesn’t have to be a big production, but it should be enough to trigger playfulness and arousal.

Hot kisses,

Gabrielle Moore

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