How monogamy improves your sex life



How monogamy improves your sex life

“It’s not the same thing to have sex and make love. You can have sex with anyone but making love you do it with someone you really love.”

Having one partner for the rest of your life doesn’t have to be a scary, all consuming and suffocating thing. It can actually be rather fulfilling. Yes, being with one person for the rest of your life actually has its fair share of perks. Here are 10 reasons why being with the same person forever actually does wonders for your sex life.

1. The risk of STIs is decreased

A reliable way to avoid transmission of STIs is to abstain from oral, vaginal, and anal sex or to be in a long-term, mutually monogamous relationship with an uninfected partner. The key words to keep in mind: “mutually monogamous”. Even after you two have sworn to nix other partners, make sure you BOTH get tested on a regular basis. It can never hurt to receive a clean bill of health.

2. Condoms aren’t as important

Yes, sex does feel better without them! All women admit it. But before you get too carried away, don’t forget everything we said above. It’s also important to take other measures to prevent unwanted pregnancies.

3. You can get as nasty as you very well please… every single time

Imagine being granted the liberty to get as filthy as your heart desires every time you hit the sack. The freedom to let it all hang out is unmatched when in a committed relationship. Trust me. So by all means, let that inner sex pot run wild!

4. You’ll master each other’s body

This is one of the best things. There will be no more guessing what gets her off and vice versa. When you’ve been together for years, you’ll come to know the exact coordinates of her most sensitive erogenous zones. No map or GPS necessary. Now go on, explore and conquer.

5. You can show her your ‘O’ face

Yes you have one. EVERYONE has one. That’s when you know the orgasm was earth-shattering good. The type that made you curl up and cry because you couldn’t believe how good it was. With a lifelong partner, you won’t have to be afraid to let out your inner gremlin when reaching the big O. Why? Because she’s obligated to love you unconditionally anyway. Yup, gremlin hybrid and all.

6. You can experiment with no judgment

Now’s the time to try all those weird and dirty fetishes you’ve been dreaming of. You’ll be together forever, so why not? Bedroom behaviour will never grow stale once you both toss inhibition to the wind and live out your wildest fantasies. You’ll be on that roller coaster together, so you’re pretty much exempt from judgement.

7. Say bye bye to dry spells

There will be no more nights at home alone drowning your sorrow with pizza and beers. You’ll have a living, breathing, caressing person to take care of all your needs. It’s truly one of the greatest joys of being in a relationship. You can finally kiss those booty calls goodbye.

10. The emotional aspect makes sex hotter

It truly takes it to another level when you know your partner shares the love. Being able to have that for the rest of your life? Bliss.
Have a sexy week,

Gabrielle Moore

P.S. What are some reasons you support monogamy? Do you prefer the single life?

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