Here’s how you’re ruining your chances on the first date



Here’s how you’re ruining your chances on the first date

Watch out for these tell-tale signs on your first date to save yourself from the hassle of getting rejected. 

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could predict within the few first dates if our blooming relationship is going to be for keeps? While the equation between partners is dynamic and changes over time, experts say that women usually figure out during the first few meetings whether there is a future or not. Women, especially those looking for romance, think more with their heads than their hearts. They make a list of what they expect from their dates. Only when they have a blueprint, will they know what to look for. 

Regardless of whether you possess the must-have qualities women look for, making sure you don’t trigger these red flags will help you stay away from unsavoury goodbyes and save you from the heartbreak of rejection.

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You’re disrespectful

If you disrespect her on the first date, there’s little chance that she’s going to believe you are going to treat her well when you are together. A woman can look past things like splitting the bill, age gap, political differences, or a lack of shared interests. However, if a man doesn’t stick to his word, has questionable morals and situational ethics, then she will steer clear of a second date. Actions like disregarding her opinions, belittling her achievements, talking over her, being rude to the staff at the restaurant, says a lot about your character. If you don’t give her your full attention on the first date, then she’ll think priorities are elsewhere. If you spend most of the time talking about yourself than trying to get to know her, then she’ll think you are a narcissist. Also, pay attention to how you handle yourself when something goes wrong. If you’re eager to blame someone else, then there’s a good chance she’ll think she will end up being the scapegoat in the relationship.

You have anger issues

If she suspects from your behaviour that you have anger management issues, she’ll think it wise to not pursue it at all. If she gets the sense that you tend to be violent and abusive, she’ll worry that it won’t be long before it is directed at her. Do you grit your teeth while talking to people when angry? Do you have road rage? Do you swear a lot when upset? Are you usually looking to pick a fight? Watch out for these signs as they may hint to her at a possibility of future violence. Passive aggressive threats are warning signs as well.

You don’t care for her consent

Dealing with a guy’s unwelcome advances can be a struggle but what is more worrying for a woman is the complete disregard for her consent. When a patient of mine met this guy on a popular dating app, they hit it off rather well. “He was an attractive guy and I was excited to meet him. However, after a few drinks, however, he suddenly started coming on too strong. First, I was put off when he tried to forcibly kiss me on the dance floor, but the final straw came when he tried to grope me between my legs. I managed to push him away and went home.” Nowadays, it’s not uncommon to find couples having sex on the first date, and it’s okay when it is consensual. If you coerce her to cave in to having sex against her wishes, she will walk away immediately.

You display toxic masculinity

It is a fact that a sizeable number of men suffer from a deep-seated patriarchal mindset that rears its head at the slightest provocation. If you mansplain or try to have the last word in a conversation, while constantly interrupting her chain of thought, she’ll worry that you have a sense of entitlement and male privilege. If you order drinks or dinner without asking her preferences, she’ll think you’re assuming you know what’s good for her. In some cases, it can be over-enthusiasm, but most of the times, women see it as plain garden-variety sexism. Also, if you use derogatory language for an ex, it reflects your feelings about women in general, and that’s a definite red flag.

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Gabrielle Moore

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