Four Simple Ways to Become a Rock Star in the Bedroom



Four Simple Ways to Become a Rock Star in the Bedroom

Hey Lover!

Do you want to rock her world and inspire her erotic abandon?

If you feel you lack the ability or confidence to please your gal in the bedroom, then I am here to help.

Here are four simple ways you can learn how to become a rock star in the bedroom.

1. Become a Sexpert Lover

A sexpert lover is someone who is continually seeking knowledge about all the amazing and diverse ways to have sex and pleasure their partners.

To become a sexpert lover you need to:

• Take courses or workshops either online or in person on various sexuality subjects.
• Read how-to sex-ed books, e-books and watch videos on how to be great in bed.
• Practice what you learn on your partner so you can hone your skills.
• Get constant feedback from your partner and learn how to improve
• Be open and creative and willing to try new things.

My challenge to you is to pick one new area of sex play that you don’t know much about each month, learn the techniques and try them out on your partner. Choose from G-spot and female ejaculation, Tantra or erotic massage, anal sex, oral sex, foreplay techniques and so much more!

2. Be Creative

Being a creative lover has a lot to do with learning. By learning new skills and different ways to make love, you will build a repertoire of techniques and ways to pleasure her. Instead of the same old boring routine sex moves, you will have numerous ways to give her stimulation.

Becoming a creative lover will:

• Remove the boredom and routine from the bedroom.
• Keep her in suspense so she is always erotically charged.
• Keep your sex life spicy, adventurous and fun!
• Give you many tools to fall back on if you ever draw a blank as to what to do next during your lovemaking.

Here are some ideas on how to be more creative.

Do one new thing each time you have sex. This doesn’t have to be a whole guidebook of tricks, but just one simple move like a new fingering technique, or new oral sex move. Or, try stimulating another part of her body that you usually neglect.

Be spontaneous. Try sex in different places, at different times of the day. Grab her in the shower for a quickie in the morning. Seduce her in the kitchen while she is making supper. Have sex on the washing machine while the wash is in spin cycle. There are so many opportunities to get it on.

Being creative means having an open mind. So, try new types of sex. What about a sex toy to spice it up? How about some kinky ideas from Fifty Shades of Grey? Tantra sex? Fast and furious? Slow and romantic? Naughty sex? Try new things, change it up and be creative!

3. Get Feedback

Communication is the key to great sex. So, while you do want to surprise her with new things and be spontaneous, make sure she is on the same page as you are. In other words, don’t just stick a finger up her butt unless you have already discussed and agreed upon having anal sex.

But, how do you keep it spontaneous while communicating about wants, needs, desires and consent?

You go over a possible checklist (or create a sexy bucket list) of the kinds of sex you want to explore together. Next, talk about each activity in depth and then save them for when you want to try out something new. This will give you plenty of sexy activities to choose from.

During your sexual explorations, you need to both communicate on what is working and what is not. Tune into her body language. Encourage her to give you verbal cues.

Talk about sex afterwards. Find out what really turned her on and flew her to the moon. And, also, what things you can improve on. Tell her what made you hot. Be open! Communication is sexy!

4. Take Control in the Bedroom

Oh God Yes!

Every woman wants a guy to take control in the bedroom. She may never ask for it, or even seem like she wants to be submissive in day to day life. But in the bedroom, women crave a confident, sexy, take-charge kind of guy.

So, if you are not very confident, how do you get there? By following the 3 steps above you are half way there! Becoming a sexpert, being creative and learning what she wants will make you more confident. Use that confidence to allow your masculinity to come out and conquer her.

Claim her physically. Do this by putting your arm around her, or holding her hand in public. Letting her (and everyone else know) she is yours.

Initiate sex in a bold way. I’m not saying to be overly aggressive, here. But, you can push her forcefully up against a wall. Press your full body to hers as you hold her wrists and then whisper in her ear what you want to do with her. Hot!

Tell her what to do. Tell her how hot she makes you and how sexy she is. Then tell her you want her to take her clothes off nice and slow and give you a show. Tell her to come here and straddle your hips as you pull her down on top of you.

Hold her wrists down during sex. Many women love it when a man holds her arms above her head and ruts her like a stallion. While you are doing this talk dirty to her and tell her how you are going to make her come again and again. Whoa! It’s getting hot in here isn’t it?

So there are some tips on how to become a rock star in the bedroom. Stay tuned, keep learning new sexy techniques, and make sex the ultimate adventure.


Gabrielle Moore

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