Dirty Games – Would you rather?



Dirty Games – Would you rather?

Who says sex has to be serious all the time? In fact, one of the best ways to make sex even better is to make it fun. Because sex can be such a sensitive topic, most people take it way too seriously. If anything ever goes “wrong,” a lot of people just get really embarrassed and never talk about things, instead of just laughing off an awkward situation. What if you just decided to make sex into a fun, relaxing, enjoyable activity? After all, that IS what sex is. Fun!

One way to make sex fun with you and your partner is to play a sex game. I’ve talked about these kinds of games before because I’m a big fan of them. Not only are they a great way to lighten things up in your relationship, laugh, and get really turned on in the process, but they can also be an awesome way to learn about the likes, dislikes and secret fantasies of your partner. A lot of things can be too embarrassing to talk directly about, but during a sex game all kinds of information about your partner is relieved that you might never have learned about if you hadn’t started to play.

One of my favorite sex games to play is “would you rather?” This is a fun game because it’s not necessarily a sex game, therefore, you can start playing pretty innocently with your partner and then really turn things up by starting to throw in some sexual questions. Before you know it, you’ve learned about some new hidden desire your partner has and the two of you are seriously turned on! Here are some sample questions to give you an idea of how the game works and what kinds of questions would be good to ask.

This game can be played anyway, although I recommend playing it when you know you will be alone together soon. For example, you can start the fun out at dinner on your next date night, continue the fun in the car, and then finish it off in bed together. The rules are simple: Ask your partner “would you rather” do one sexual thing or another. Here’s some ideas to get started:

1. Would you rather expose yourself while undressing to a sexy neighbor or passerby (exhibitionist) or catch a peep at that sexy neighbor undressing in his/her home (voyeur)?

2. Wowatch a pornagraphic video together or read an erotic story outloud while we touch ourselves?

3. Would you rather make a sex tape or pose for a sexy photo shoot?

4. Would you rather have sex first thing in the morning, in the middle of the day or at night before bed?

5. If I had to have sex with another person, would you rather it was someone that you know or a complete stranger?

6. If you had to have sex with another person, would you rather it was someone that you know or a complete stranger?

7. Would you rather have sex in a public (but secluded) place with a lot of people around, like a public restroom, or in the middle of the wilderness, but in the complete wide open outdoors?

8. If you HAD to have a threesome, would you rather do it with another man or a woman?

9. Would you rather have sex with me in your parent’s bed or in a one hour sex motel?

10. Would you rather go to a nude beach for the afternoon or have loud sex at home in the middle of the day with all the windows wide open?

11. Would you rather visit a swingers club or spend the weekend at a nudist colony?

12. Would you rather that we weren’t allowed to have sex for one full year or that I have to have sex with 3 other people, but we can have sex again after I have done so?

13. Would you rather be able to live as the opposite sex for a day or be invisible and be able to go wherever you wanted? What would you do for the day?

14. Would you rather an amazing oral sex orgasm or an amazing vaginal sex orgasm?

15. Would you rather get kinky or have slow, sensual and romantic sex?

16. Would you rather touch each other under the table at a restaurant or in a crowded movie theater?

17. If you were single, would you rather be with a monogamous, but casual, sex partner or several different people at once?

18. If you had an absolutely amazing first date with someone, would you rather end the night with a kiss or in bed together?

19. Would you rather get a massage from a sexy person who brush up a little too close to your private parts or get a hot lap dance in front of a club full of people?

20. Would you rather reveal a secret fantasy to me or act it out without me ever finding out about it?

Feel free to use these sexy questions to get you and your partner warmed up, and then ask some of your own questions to really make things interesting!

Gabrielle Moore

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