Convince her to SEEK you: 5 tips to make any woman want to make the first move



Convince her to SEEK you: 5 tips to make any woman want to make the first move

What if you could actually convince the women you encounter to make the first move?

I know… seems rather impossible, especially since the burden of initiating a possible relationship almost always falls on the guy.

From playing the game of flirting to slowly teasing and attracting her, you often face many obstacles when it comes to get the woman you want.

It can be hard.

So here are 5 effective tips to persuade any woman you meet to make the first move.

Men who’ve used these tips got the hottest women to pursue them and beg for their attention. This is a guide to help you make that happen too.

Now that you’re ready, let’s explore each of these 5 ways to convince that naughty lady you have your eyes on to try and be the pursuer for once.

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Take advantage of the FOMO

Most women are (very) conservative when it comes to making a move on a guy. They don’t want to risk their reputation. They want to be the ones chased and avoid any bold actions and commitments. So they sit quiet and wait for the men to come to them like bees to a jar of honey.

Here’s what you can do: Create a sense of urgency. Comparing is a great tool for that. Casually mentioning another woman that you’re seeing can trigger a fear of missing out. You can make a strong case by suggesting the ways another woman has successfully peaked your interest (no woman wants to stay behind the competition).

Build your reputation

Any woman would want to pursue more a great guy than the average joe. This is normal. The greatest guys get praise and attention. That’s why your personal brand – your reputation – is of crucial importance. If she’s convinced you’re a great guy, she’ll want to be near you more often than not. That’s why getting noticed is primordial. The more she sees and hears about your qualities, the more she trusts you. And the best way to get her attention is to pay attention to what SHE cares about.

Don’t act insecure, but don’t try to impress her either

A guy who is insecure, behaves in a nervous way and who can barely look a girl in the eye for more than a few seconds is an instant turn off. Girls don’t want to reward weakness with sex, love and devotion.

On the other hand, giving her a lot of compliments or telling her a lot of cool stories about yourself isn’t going to impress her much either. She’s probably heard it all before and if you’re not natural, confident in yourself and your abilities, anything else you do will come across as false, forced or weird to her.

Don’t give up at the first sign of resistance

Women like to test guys to see how much they can get away with and how hard they can push before a guy says “No” or laughs at her for being so high maintenance. Therefore, women will often give out mixed signals, act flaky or pretend to get offended easily. Some guys don’t know how to handle this and simply give up; and fail the test. Don’t do that. Stick to it and see what happens. She’ll be surprised by this proactive attitude and want to know you better.

Have a vibrant vibe

The law of attraction is that like attracts like. By this I mean if you want to attract fun and exciting women, you’ve got to be fun and exciting yourself. If you have the stink face look all night and appear miserable, guess who you’ll be attracting? On the other hand, if you’re enjoying yourself, you’re more likely to attract great women. Men who get approached by quality women always have the vibe that projects I’m loving my night regardless! Plus, having fun is always superior to not having fun.

Hot kisses,

Gabrielle Moore

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