Channel stud energy and attract every woman you meet

Channel stud energy and attract every woman you meet

By now, you’ve likely heard of stud energy – the viral catchphrase for the undeniable air of confidence that some guys seem to exude almost naturally, without any consistent effort whatsoever. The theory is rather simple: Alpha dudes have a little extra swagger and therefore more luck with the ladies.

You can project a similarly confident vibe – yes, even though you’re shy by nature and don’t consider yourself to be part of the Alpha clique. It’s just about the energy that comes with being happy and totally self-assured. And when you’re projecting this onto women, that can be insanely magnetic.

Like a taxi readily available for pick up, this silent signal announces to the world that you’re cool, just cruising around being happy on your own, but also available for hooking up if the right girl comes along. Having this powerful allure, this manly energy and confidence, and emitting it all the time can cause a noticeable shift in your dating life.

Suddenly, you may get more compliments and be asked out often by women who other times seemed way out of your league. Who doesn’t want that? To help you, I created a small list of ways to emanate this kind of ‘energy’.

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‘Letting your pheromones be your fragrance’


Go perfume-free. Your natural scent conveys key clues to your lifestyle, and according to an OKCupid survey, 81% of singles find a partner’s smell important.

‘Realizing you deserve your own happiness’


When making everyday decisions, embrace your own know-how and go with your gut. This tells those around you that you don’t need external validation, which can be alluring.

‘Making women feel important’


When you’re interested in someone, use physical cues to signal that you’d like to connect with them on a deeper level. Think: a light touch at the right moment or mirroring their gestures.

‘Putting yourself out there’


Sprinkle your calendar with three social activities a week. This will keep you active and nix any downer vibes. And yes, these outings can include dates. Having an active dating life makes men less self-conscious, which can help you emit more come-hither vibes.

‘Cultivating social confidence’


Do something that allows you to “peacock”. In other words, ID what you’re good at, then show off your talent. Studies have found that both men and women find this romantically and sexually attractive.

‘Acting as if you hold the secret to a special kind of magic’


Use your your unique qualities and dare to take some risks as well: boldly buy a hottie a drink, sleep on silk sheets to boost sensuality, work your charm and do your best to be more mysterious when interacting with the ladies.

‘Developing a crush’


Remember in primary school when you’d list all the *dreamy* things about your crush? I suggest resurrecting the habit, but listing all the things you love about yourself. Then note a few flaws too. Accepting these qualities will help you own them all.

Hot kisses,

Gabrielle Moore

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