Bedroom Games to Play Tonight



Bedroom Games to Play Tonight

“Everything in the world is about sex except sex. Sex is about power.”- Oscar Wilde

I think sex is serious business. Seriously fun, that is. That’s why I’ve decided to up the fun factor even more by devising these sexy bedroom games. Playful sexual activities not only infuse your erotic encounters with a lighthearted vibe, they also allow you to explore fantasies in an easy, nonthreatening way. So get psyched for some very friendly competition and let the games begin. The best part about challenging your partner to one (or all) of these carnal competitions? No one loses.

1) Sexy Scavenger Hunt

What you’ll need: A blindfold and at least five of your favorite lickable treats, such as chocolate syrup, honey, strawberry jam, and cinnamon sugar.

How to play: Maybe you’ve already experimented with edible bedroom treats, but for this game, you’ll be embarking on a tasty version of hide-and-seek. First, cover your eyes with the blindfold. Then, have her place drops of different flavored foods on various parts of her body. For example, she could put a dollop of honey behind her ear, rub a little chocolate syrup along her lower stomach, or dab some maple syrup on her nipples or any other place she’d want you to lick her. Then lie down and locate all the specific taste treats using your tongue. As you explore every naughty spot, she’ll get sweet surprises along the way. Once you’ve savored all of her yummy parts, switch roles and have her taste you all over.

Passion payoff: The erotic anticipation will keep you both on high alert. While you’re wondering what your tongue will find, she’ll be on pins and needles waiting to see what body part you’ll move to next

2) Dirty Dice

What you’ll need: A pair of dice, a piece of paper, and a pen.

How to play: Write down the numbers 2 through 12 on a sheet of paper. Next to each number, you and your partner should jot down a sex act that you both love (or would love to try). Then roll the dice and play out the move that corresponds to the number.

Passion payoff: Not knowing what act you’ll roll next creates an element of surprise, increasing the sexual tension and building up the excitement.

3) Touch Test

What you’ll need: A silky scarf, a plush towel, a cashmere sweater, a feather duster, a necktie, an oven mitt, a Popsicle or ice cube, and a dish of hand lotion (warmed in the microwave).

How to play: Have your partner lie down naked with her eyes closed—or even better, blindfold her. Use one item at a time to stroke her body and have her guess what each one is. If she gets it wrong, run the Popsicle over her vaginal area (just for a nanosecond; you don’t want to cause her pain) to give her an exciting, icy jolt. If she gets it right, reward her with a warm-lotion below-the-belt massage.

Passion payoff: A woman’s naughty parts are highly sensitive to a range of touches, so each tactile object you use will provide her with a uniquely sensual set of sensations.

4) Spotlight on Sex

What you’ll need: A mini flashlight or a penlight.

How to play: After you are both get naked, turn out the lights and climb into bed. Then have her point the flashlight to a sexy area on her body that she’d most like you to kiss or lick. She should leave the light on that spot for as long as she’d like you to linger there. Once she’s satisfied, she should shine the flashlight on another pleasurable point. She should keep repeating the point-and-shine tactic until you’ve hit all of her favorite hot spots, then hand you the light and let you point her in the right direction.

Passion payoff: It’s a way for your partner to tell you where she likes to be touched without actually having to say it. Plus, men are very visual. Highlighting her body parts provides incredible eye candy for you.

5) Lusty Lit

What you’ll need: Two or three racy erotic books.

How to play: Flip through one of the books until you come across a steamy sex scene. Take turns reading it aloud to each other to get a sneak peek of what’s to come, and then act out the scene, making sure to duplicate every delectable detail. When you’re done, turn to a new page with a hot scene—or pick a different book—and act that out.

Passion payoff: This is a surefire way to whet both of your erotic appetites. Not only will it get you in the mood, but once you put the scenes into action, the role-playing and fantasizing will heighten the experience.

6) Get-It-On Guessing Game

What you’ll need: A dirty mind.

How to play: When you and your partner go out to dinner (just the two of you), dare her that you can guess what underwear she’s wearing or what sex position she has on the brain or her favorite sexual encounter with you or any other sexy query you can think of. You can ask her five questions to clue you in, but if you don’t figure out the correct answer, then you have to grant her whatever racy request she makes later that night. If you nail it though (no pun intended), she’ll have to make your lusty wish come true. Then it will be her turn to put you on the spot.

Passion payoff: It can feel really naughty and taboo to be having such an X-rated conversation while other patrons are sitting nearby and the wait staff is just going about their business. Also, while you’re waiting to collect on your booty bets, you’ll both be aching with anticipation thinking about what you know is going to happen when you get home. So once you make it a reality, the act will turn out to be that much hotter.

Have a sensual week,

Gabrielle Moore

P.S. You can’t fully enjoy a new experience if you’re going to be hung up on the fact that it’s so not something you usually do. So instead, decide together that you’re going to take a chance, check your inhibitions at the door, and adopt a let’s-just-have-fun-with-it attitude.

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