8 Role Plays for Beginners



8 Role Plays for Beginners

Do you have fantasies that you fear that you will never fulfill? Like having sex with a stranger in a public place? Many men in relationships realize that they might never be able to make some of their wilder fantasies a reality, but I have good news for you. There is more than one way to fulfill your fantasies. Role playing is an amazing way to act out a fantasy that you have without stepping out of the boundaries of your relationship. Want to have sex with a stranger? You can role play that. You’ll be surprised at just how hot and sexy it can be.

Many people who are new to role playing might feel embarrassed to act out a fantasy in this way, but you’d be surprised how hot and fun it can be if you just let your guard down and don’t take it too seriously. Here are some sexy role playing ideas for those who are just starting out:

1. Sexy Lingerie – If you’re really unsure about the idea of role playing and want to start out with something really mellow, this is the perfect scenario for you and your partner. First you should go and buy her some really sexy lingerie. If you want it to be a surprise, you can check out her panty drawer for her sizes. Next, invite her out on a date and tell her you’ve bought her something to wear that night. You’ll be really excited knowing that she has something so sexy under her clothes and it is also incorporating a little bit of domination when you chose what she wears. She will feel extra sexy because of what she has on and that will give her a new found confidence. You’ll feel like a new couple! And the fantasy will continue once you get home and get to see how amazing she looks in your gift.

2. The Sugar Daddy – Another fun role playing scenario to play out is the sugar daddy with the young hot woman on his arm. It doesn’t matter if this fantasy is nothing like your reality, that’s what role playing is all about, creating a different kind of fantasy so that you can become different people for a night.

3. The Shy Girl – Have your partner act like the shy, innocent and inexperienced woman and you’re the experienced, sexy man who is going to help her come out of her shell and do things she never thought she could. This is a big turn off for both people as it allows one person to really take control of the situation and the other to be passive. A fun way to alter this fantasy if for YOU to play the shy, inexperienced one and for her to play the sexy woman who is going to teach you how to be a great lover.

4. The Stranger You’ll Never See Again – Act as if you don’t know each other, but you have just met and can’t stop yourselves from jumping into bed together. Take this fantasy to the next level by “meeting” for the first time at a designated place. Pick a location like a bar or even the supermarket to “pick up” your partner and take her home with you. Play out every detail of the fantasy to make it really exciting and real

5. The Masseur and His Client – Anyone who has had a massage before has fantasized that the masseuse/masseur’s hands might travel to forbidden areas and give them a surprise happy ending. Make this fantasy a reality for your partner, but it’s really important to set the scene as if you are a real massage place and not just give her a back rub that leads to sex. Remember, it’s ROLE PLAYING!

6. The King and his Servant (or queen and her servant!) – This is a fun role play that you can do without taking it too seriously. Get silly with it, but you will find that you get seriously turned on in the process of all that giggling together!

7. The Naughty Nurse – Who doesn’t like the idea of having a sexy nurse taking care of your every need, giving you a sponge bath and whatever else you need since you’re too fragile to do it yourself? It’s also easy to find a slutty nurse costume for her to complete the fantasy.

8. The Sexy Chef – Have an extra special dinner prepared (you can either cook it yourself or cheat and order a special dinner in). Feed each other and then the dessert course you can enjoy on each other’s bodies!

The best part about role playing is that it allows you to step out of your normal roles and pretend to be someone else for a little bit. Have fun and don’t take it too seriously!

Gabrielle Moore

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