11 Sex Tips Proven By Science



11 Sex Tips Proven By Science

Sometimes it’s hard to know what to believe when it comes to reading about sex advice on the Internet. There is so much information out there, so how does one know what advice to follow and what advice to disregard?

One sure way to get the best advice is to go to a trusted website with an expert who knows his or her stuff. For example, when it comes to the information you find here on my website, you know you can trust it because of my extensive work teaching couples about sex for over 10 years. But what about all that other stuff you come across?

Today I’m bringing you 11 sex tips that are actually backed by scientific research. These tips have studies to back them up! Check out the list:

1. Getting sun can boost your libido, for both men and women! Research has shown that sun exposure increases your testosterone, which also increases your desire for sex. This is because sunlight boosts your vitamin D levels, which in turn boosts your testosterone levels. So, make sure you get out of the house and get fresh air with your partner. Don’t forget the sunscreen though, it’s still important to protect yourselves from harmful rays.

2. Let her smell your scent. Androstadienone is a compound naturally found in men’s sweat that has been shown to improve women’s mood and increase sexual desire. It is a well known pheromone that is even reproduced and included in some men’s cologne. My advice? Be careful not to douse yourself in too much cologne. Let some of your manly scent come through and let nature take its course. We are naturally designed to be attracted to certain people’s scents, but if yours is masked by artificial odors, she won’t be able to sense it.

3. Go for the 5 o’clock shadow. One study found that women found stubble more attractive than both a shaved face and a full beard. They believe that stubble was linked to sexual maturity. My advice? Let the stubble grow a little longer so it doesn’t poke and rub her face (and other parts!) raw.

4. Exercising your pelvic floor muscles for just 2 minutes every day can have various sexual benefits. A lot of men think doing Kegel exercises is just for women, but that’s definitely not the case. It can help improve erections, help you to last longer, get harder, control urinary incontinence and have better, stronger orgasms.

5. Kissing has numerous health and relationship benefits. A study found that kissing helps lower stress and cholesterol. When it comes to your relationship it increases intimacy. How often a couple kisses was correlated to their long term satisfaction in the relationship, and how often they had sex was not!

6. Scent is extremely important. We already talked about how your natural scent can increase her desire for you. It turns out that a woman won’t be attracted to you if you smell like a family member, which makes perfect sense, of course. Be careful what cologne you choose because she will associate that scent with family and you’ll be immediately out of the running.

7. Men are attracted to women wearing the color red more than other colors. So buy your partner a sexy, red dress or a hot, red bra and panty set and ask her to wear it on your next date.

8. Exercising together can increase arousal and sexual desire for each other. What happens in your body when you exercise mirrors what happens when you have sex, which can “trick” your body into associating exercise with that person with attraction and desire. Your heart rate quickens, you start to sweat and you experience shortness of breath, just like during sex!

9. Orgasms help with migraines. For those who suffer from migraines and bad headaches, research has shown that having an orgasm can greatly reduce or completely alleviate migraine pain. My advice? Don’t expect your partner to want sex if she’s having a bad headache. Try going down on her instead.

10. Minty fresh breath can extra benefits. Sucking on a peppermint candy while performing oral sex can create tingling sensations and heightened temperature sensitivity. Try a strong mint like Altoids for best results.

11. One study found that wearing socks during sex significantly increased the chance of an orgasm. Why? Feeling warm and comfortable is important to being relaxed enough to orgasm, especially for women. You don’t need to have your partner wear socks necessarily, but do make sure that she is cozy, comfortable and relaxed, no matter where you’re doing it or you might never get her there.

Gabrielle Moore

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