amazing sex secrets

10 amazing sex secrets

10 amazing sex secrets

Browse online and through your local library and you’ll find tons of titles promising to catapult your sex life into the stratosphere. And though you might at first think, honestly, who has the time to read even one of those books, let me tell you that buried between these covers are some surprisingly smart tips – not only on how to have great orgasms but also on how to feel closer to your lady. To save you the hassle of poring over them, I took some of the best sex tips from my newest work: Naked U Season 3, and did a summary for you. So – ta-da! – here’s a snippet of my proudest pieces of work.

  1. Frankly, the missionary position is the position least likely to bring a woman to climax. But there is a subtle adjustment you can make that can increase her chances of having an orgasm: the coital alignment technique, or CAT. Move your entire body up about two inches. Your pubic bone will rest on top of hers so that the base of your penis presses on her clitoris. This position provides continuous stimulation of her clitoris during intercourse, increasing her chances of having an orgasm.
  2. Foreplay is about sparking the imagination, creating a sense of anticipation. Here’s a trick I am famous by, which is taken from my latest creation: Naked U Season 3Click here to see more exciting and advanced tricks. Undress your partner and ask her to lie facedown on the bed. Climb on top and melt tension away as you massage warm oil into her skin. The tell her: “Don’t move. I need you to stay very, very still…” Then make love to her back. Rock your hips in slow, small circles, lightly pressing your body against her tailbone. Let her know what’s happening – whisper in her ear that you’re getting hard, harder, harder… You’ve become the bedmate women dream of – a man who can get hard while also getting his partner dripping wet!
  3. Try the Spiral of Nine, a thrusting sequence that men have used to thrill their women for centuries. Develop a rhythm of varied thrusts – three shallow and one deep; then five shallow and one deep; seven shallow, one deep; and finally nine shallow and one eagerly anticipated full-bore thrust. Keep up the nine-to-one pattern until one of you reaches nirvana.
  4. Bring back those early days of lust trying new things. For example, relocate to the couch, the shower, the kitchen table, behind a bush in the backyard. Even if you do the same old thing, a new location can stir things up. To increase her wetness factor and ensure she orgasms instantly, do some breast caressing as well. But try mixing up your moves a little bit. Most of men go from kissing to breasts to genitals to intercourse. But the sequence of touch is as important as touch itself. Next time, start by caressing your lover’s least sexual places, such as the neck, shoulders, feet, hair, and face, and work your way via the earlobes, mouth, breasts, buttocks, and inner thighs to the genitals. You can find this trick, and more like this one, in my newest program – Naked U Season 3click here for a hot sneak peek!
  5. Use your eyes. Both men and women are stimulated by erotic visuals, so try keeping the lights on and your eyes open (this also aids communication, as you can see what pleases your partner). Making love in front of mirrors or using video cameras is a variation of the same theme. The effort pays off, I promise. Especially if you’re trying to achieve that elusive simultaneous orgasm. Eye contact during climax is actually the ultimate intimate move. It’s such a vulnerable moment that sharing it adds a huge degree of intimacy to your relationship. Plus, locking eyes during lovemaking can also make you feel – and act – sexier. Your partner will feel more attractive when you’re looking at her during sex. And that will make her more relaxed and open in bed. This tip comes from The Act of Coming together, one of the three ebooks in my third season of Naked U Season 3. Find it by clicking here.

Hot kisses,

Gabrielle Moore

P.S. I’ve shared with you quite a lot of precious information from my latest work, but there’s so much more to know on this particular subject. Head here and check out the whole thing if you really want to master the art of making your partner wet, coming at the same time and giving her the flesh-on-flesh erotic massage of her dreams.

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