Would you rather…



Would you rather…

“Be a gentleman – know when to hold her hand. Be a man – know when to pull her hair.”

It’s the classic game we’ve all been playing since high school, the late dinner conversation starter, the ultimate road-trip boredom crusher. I’ve been playing a very naughty game of “Would you rather” and, after some pretty tricky questions came up in my talks with my friends, I decided I needed to find out what women think and share the precious information with you. So I reached out to a lot of my female friends, followers and readers with the trickiest sex questions of all time, I tallied up the percentages and discovered some pretty interesting facts.

You’ve got the quiz in your hot manly hands now, so grab your mates and start discovering!

Would you rather… 

1. Be tied up (64%) or tie him up (37%). Well, well! The majority of women want you guys to tie the knots while they relax and enjoy the show. Nicely played, I’ve got to give them that. But can you complain?

2. Your partner has a big dick but is a bad kissed (30%) or he has a small dick but excels at oral action (70%). Verdict? Women value their oral pleasures – looks like size doesn’t matter after all!

3. He is totally bald down below (69%) or he has a forest in his pants (31%). Here’s a surprise – an overwhelming majority of women said they would rather you were totally bald than sporting a bush to rival the Amazon. It seems as though hairy is a bit, well, scary.

4. He wants to change positions every two minutes (69%) or he sticks with missionary every single time (31%). The majority of women value variety in the bedroom, even if it means switching it up constantly.

5. There’s a pencil in his pants (69%) or he has a button mushroom (31%). Pencil, pin dick… whatever you want to call it, most of women would prefer to find a long, thin package than something that’s stumpy and short. Of course, it very much depends on what you do with it, so don’t despair, the trick is learning the position that better suit your package.

6. Have sex on the beach (73%) or get jiggy on a plane (27%). Getting a little sandy is way more appealing to women than steaming up a cramped toilet cubicle.

7. He goes a little too hard in bed (81%) or he doesn’t know the meaning of the word “thrust” (19%). You can never have too much thrust, hey? Go hard or go home.

8. He wants to have sex twice a day (58%) or he wants to get it on twice a week (42%). Sex every few days just isn’t enough for the ladies! Aren’t you glad to read this?

9. Stick your finger up his butt (24%) or have him stick his finger in yours (76%). When it comes to backdoor action, ladies prefer not to, um, put a ring on it. Enough said.

10. Watch your partner have sex with someone else (27%) or have sex with someone else in front of your partner (73%). Is it jealousy or greediness? A woman would much prefer give her man a show than see you with another chick. Be honest, how would you have answered this question?

11. He watches porn all the time (81%) or he wants anal all the time (19%). There’s nothing wrong with a bit of scripted fantasy – most of women would rather give their partner some TV time if it helps them avoid the A word.

12. He has years of experience in bed (38%) or he has a willingness to learn in bed (62%). Women don’t want their be friend to be too familiar with lady parts. A guy who learns his way around a woman’s particular body and is prepared to take notes gets a tick.

13. Have one of the most amazing sex you could ever experience – once a year (48%) or have sex whenever you want, but it’s really average (52%). I mean, of course you’d choose so-so sex instead of no sex at all for a whole year! It’s not even a matter of quantity over quality, it’s common sense. Though, the best scenario would be having so-so sex interrupted by oh-my-god romp sessions at least once a month!

14. He’s a bit of a prude (37%) or he’s very kinky (63%). Hello, adventurous ladies! Women are more Christian Grey than 50 Shades of Beige. Do I see anybody complaining?

Have a sexy week,

Gabrielle Moore

P.S. Play “Would you rather” with your partner as well, to see if she fits the majority or she’s one of the exceptions. Thus you’ll know how to better please her. For more tips and tricks about growing that snake monster in your trousers, check out my program in the matter – Unbreakable Erections.

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