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The sex stuff nobody talks about

Lasting Longer

The sex stuff nobody talks about

“You can stay but your clothes must go.”

In your dreams, sex is with Angelia Jolie and it’s magic every time. But let’s talk sex realness: Sometimes you don’t do the right thing or sex becomes a boring snooze fest so much so that you even forget she’s in the room, let alone in bed with you. These ills call for a little sex rescue operation – and the doctor is in! Now go give your partner two orgasms and call me in the morning.

The Issue

You’ve got a huge penis. A friend of mine was about to get busy with a new guy when he asked for a Magnum. She laughed it off as bravado… until he unleashed the dragon. “Maybe 10 inches”, she estimated. “By far the biggest I’ve seen.” His penis hardly fit inside her, making sex painful for her and uncomfortable for himself.

The Treatment

If you’re too thick (think bratwurst), have your partner get on top to control the speed and lean forward to limit depth. Also: lube. If you’re too long (translation: anaconda), wrap your hands around the base of your penis before you enter her, which allows only a part of you in. Avoid doggie-style, which leads to deep penetration.

The Issue

You’ve got a tiny penis. There are foot-longs and then there are cocktail wieners. Each comes with challenges, and if you’re modestly endowed down there, you have to have a few tricks up your sleeve to make sure your partner really feels you.

The Treatment

A baby gherkin in your pants is no small problem, but engine size doesn’t matter if you know how to drive. Try thrusting in a circular motion with your hips – the circling creates a fuller feeling than the classic in and out.

The Issue

You’re a jack-hammerer. Karen, a friend, has a high-speed, high intensity humper who treats her vagina like he’s breaking ground on a new construction site. Sometimes she grits her teeth and let him because she knows that he likes it like this, but rapid-fire woodpecker sex gets old fast.

The Treatment

Slow down power-tool pumping by having her get on top, slowly circling her hips and showing you how it’s done. If you think you need a few pointers on how to calm Mr. Hammer down, don’t be afraid to ask for it. If the pounding happens only toward the end of sex, you might need extra stimulation. For men to orgasm, it requires a combination of friction and pressure on the penis. For a grand finale, have her quickly stroke you or suck on the tip of your penis during oral.

The Issue

You finish too fast. A friend of mine digs her new guy so hard, she even jokes she already wants him to put babies in her. She’s not the only one with premature feelings, though. He ejaculates so quickly that their sex session barely lasts through commercials.

The Treatment

When you fall in lust fast, things can happen fast – think Leonardo DiCaprio’s one-pump hump in The Wolf of Wall Street. To take the pressure off, engage in a heavy dose of foreplay. It slows things down for you, but fast-tracks your partner to orgasm before sex. Break out a bullet vibe for her clitoris when you’re fooling around, or go down on her prior to the deed. Being able to pleasure her through oral will calm your nerves about the main event.

The Issue

Sex is a snooze. You’re thrusting away but at the same time you’re trying to remember if you set the DVR for the soccer game. It feels like you’re just going through the same motions – a complete lack of spark. Sure, the soccer game is entertaining, but better than sex? Don’t go to that sad place.

The Treatment

Routines can be a sex buzz-kill, so think outside the bed. You can’t rely on missionary (again) when you’re doing it in the car of the bathroom during your birthday party. Send her a quick sext and meet for a quickie during lunch hours. If you usually do it at night, a pre-date romp will make for a very happy meal. And don’t forget some dirty talk. It’s hard to feel meh when you’re telling her how turned on you are.

Have a sexy week,

Gabrielle Moore

P.S. Good sex should make you feel like you’re on fire – but not literally – so make sure you heal these ills before getting down and dirty.

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  1. benjamin

    March 18, 2014 at 7:19 am

    why do i enjaculate very fast how do i manage long sex intercourse..

  2. edy

    April 4, 2014 at 3:48 am

    Really,can penis size increase ?

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